hi ladies!!

my valentine hasn't sent me anything for vday [thus far] and he's on the other side of the US..


will you guys be my valentine?


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I agree with lithfi mine is out of the states so I am spending valentine home alone completely just remember he loves you and its hurts him just as much it hurts you not being together but time will pass then there will be a moment that both of you will be together on this special your not alone baby girl ill be your valentine this year ;)

lol no thats not awful you're not a happy camper right now. i dont think he could have forgotten you, look at all the texts hes sent u that u posted up here, those arent the texts of someone who doesnt care about u, maybe hes just busy with the secret ops thing. as hard as it is for us to be alone on vday im sure its hard for the boys to so maybe they just want to pretend it isnt happening. i also think they worry about disappointing us on this day so they rahter just ignore it lol. anyhoo i do think u should talk to him and be like you know i feel unappreciated right now and just be honest with him. you're allowed to feel this way and u should be able to talk to him about it :( good luck hun!!

is this awful!?<br />
im really happy you guys didnt gwt anything either it makes me feel okay, like its not that he doesnt care its just that he didnt want to celebrate maybe?<br />
i dunno.<br />
thanks you guys for being my valentine!<br />
im feeling completely unimportant and forgotten.

I will be! no word from mine either...

i'll be your valentine!

yes! haha. i haven't gotten anything yet either :) happy valentines day hun!

yea girl! remember stay strong and keep telling him how much you love him.. i am sure that he is thinking about you:) happy valentines day:)

me and lexi (little deviant) will soooo be your valentines lady!!!

Yay for being everyone Valentine lol!!