Una Dia Para Amor!!

The title is Spanish for "A day for Love" for those of you ladies who do not know Spanish lol ^_~

 So, ladies, I know that a lot of us are hating this particular Vday because of things like our Marines being deployed or in training and basicaly not with us lol. I want everyone to know that this is just one day out 364 days in a year and if Valentines is about being with the one you love, perhaps getting sweet gifts, or even making love (lol) then we've all had plenty of Valentines days with our marines, today is just not one of them. Ahead of us, however, we have plenty more and were still going to be the luckiest girls in the world cause we have a strength in our relationship that some may ever even fathom.

Happy Valentines Days Ladies


LittleDeviant LittleDeviant
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6 Responses Feb 14, 2010

typos :p lol

every day can be valentines day when you're in love! =]<br />
lol and its Un not Una sorry i speak spanish and i'm a grammar freak!

Oh okay in that case then woohoo for nostalgic memories with our boys haha

no its a good tearing up!!! not sad just remembering the days with my boy lol

Thanks Liz :]]] Oh noes, no tearing up.. I dont wanna make you guys sad lol I wanted the opposite reaction lol

awww you're always so positive! lol made me tear up a little :)