Valentines Day

it's only been a hour since i've talked to him, but i'm just so excited.

as most you you girls know, jared and i went on a break the day after he graduated. after giving him his space and time to think things over (mainly the split between us) he begged for me to be with him again. after many tears i took him back and started jumping around. he knew he messed things up big time and there wont be a next time if he messes up again. today was actually the day that i was gonna call it quits, but i didnt want to because i still love him a lot, luckily he made the first move.


so we're slowly going to build things up between us and become what we were when we were a couple=]


so how have all you ladies been? i haven't been keeping up with the blogs because just being on here made me miss jared more and more. so, let me know how you all been! love you ladies!



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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

YAYY!!!!! i'm glad that u two are back together!!! :D<br />
blah, i think my marine is having that whole separation issue too now. i mean, we had an amazing valentine's day, but he still doesn't text me often or w/e. idk maybe it's just me. i tend to WAYYY overthink things :P. <br />

:D!!!<br />
Im happy for you Patty!!!!!! I told you things would work out!

yayy, i was so sad for you when i heard the news. Me and you joined EP like, the same week! haha. I'm so happy for you (:<br />
Everything is good on my side, got engaged after boot (: but he's at MCT til next month