Happy Valentines Day Ladies!

How are you today?

I'm okay, Preston didn't get to come in.. though, as I guess you girls read before.. but I'm alright.

I still haven't gotten my present from him in yet, sooooooo hopefully I will soon.. He wont tell me what it is, though... so I'm anxious. haha.

How is everyone else's valentines day? I hope you're all doing well!! :]

semperfilove semperfilove
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

haha. yeah, i've been pretty bored today too.<br />
i mean, i went to church.. that was fun..<br />
but since i've got home.. i'm just super bored. XD<br />
but thank you! i'll let you know what it is when i get it:]

hello!! hope the prezzy comes soon! it sounds like you and preston are doing ok even though he didnt get to come home. im doing pretty well today, watching tv eating and cleaning lol. yay vday!