I'm Engaged!! :) :)

in my previous story i said ryan was able to come home this weekend...and it was amazing!!! we were going to spend valentines day together but he had to leave early because of the weather =/ so since he couldn't ask me today as he had planned, last night he asked me to marry him!!!!!! :) :) :) :) aaaah! i'm so excited!!

usmcgf08 usmcgf08
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Ah yay!!!!! Congrats girl. good luck with it all. =)

yay! congrats love! ;)<br />
<br />


Congratulations! =) thats really exciting...and sweet that he planned it for this wknd :) I'm Hadassah btw lol

awe thanks ladies!! :)


congratulations!!!!!!! thats sooo exciting!

You gotta change your name to USMCFiance08 lol

OMGGGG Congratulations!!! Im so happy for you girrl!! You were my first friend on FB and now your movin on up lol You are now the Fiance of a US Marine woohoo!