Valentine's Day

so today is Valentine's Day and like a lot of you ladies I'm not able to be with or even talk to my valentine. I know Zach is just at boot camp, as opposed to being over seas and I'm so grateful for that but it's still really sad to be 2000 miles away from the person I want to see the most on a day dedicated to love and relationships. To top it all off tomorrow is Zach's birthday and I'll be in the same boat that I've been in today. I plan on writing Zach tomorrow, this will be the like third "happy valentine's day/ happy birthday" letter I've sent but I want to make sure he knows I've been thinking about him. today i def watched Jarhead though, it was the one thing that made me feel close to Zach. If i could have I would have went and visited his family but I know they have their own plans for Valentine's day so I didn't want to intrude. Anyways, I just thought I would get on here and wish all you ladies a happy valentine's day!

ps- update from my last post, now Zach has received 2 of my letters. I think I've sent him at least 10 though lol, they're still really late getting to him =[

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thanks everyone. i know the D.I's keep his letters and it makes me sooo mad, he keeps like telling me to make sure i'm putting the address a certain way, a way that i'm already putting the addresses. it's so weird now i can like tell when i'm going to get a letter i just wish i knew when they'd let him have mine. i think he's getting discouraged bc he told one of my friends that he has only got like 2 letters back from everyone so he's gonna quit writing his friends =[ i'm just glad boot really is going by so fast, 53 days til his graduation!!! =]

I hear ya! David is at boot and we are just over 2000 miles away from each other. My birthday happens to be this week too and it sucks to not have him here or even hear from him for any of it. Your letters will take forever to get to him so just keep writing constantly! Luckily his will take less time to get to you! I'm sure he appreciates it all! good luck!

Happy Vday and remember the D.I's hold the letters and distribute them when they want :]