I Think Its Time For An Update

Hi Loves!




I havent posted anything in forever because, well, I am not a Marine girlfriend anymore.  I do, however, check up on you all by reading your posts every now and then.  I do miss you girls and I pray for you and your men daily!

Quick update:

Since Jon and I broke up and I made the move to Jacksonville, FL I have focused on myself and doing things I need to do to better myself and secure my wants and goals for the future.  I completed my internship in December and decided to remain in Jax because I made some great friends and was not at all interested in going back to Michigan to winter weather. yuck. 

I have met a guy! woot woot.  He is amazing.  We met on New Years Eve at my friends bar downtown Jax.  I had just flown back to FL from Michigan that night and had agreed to be the DD for my friends since they had already started partying before I got there.  I spotted this good looking guy across the bar and my liquid courage [the h20 haha] kicked in and I went over and asked him to dance because he looked miserable compared to his friends who were clearly wasted.  Come to find out he was the DD for his friends that night too.  After a lot of good conversation that night, he got my number and told me he wanted to hang out the next day.  We hung out all new years day and I found out that he was deploying January 2nd which happened to be the next day.  BOO!  He is in the Navy.  [Jacksonville is home to 2 large navy bases]  I know, I know, dont worry Marines will remain my favorite branch b/c thats what my little brother is.  OOORAH  Garrett [my guy] is going to be training to be a Navy Seal within the next year.  pretty intense.

So anyways, Garrett and I have been communicating through email as frequently as we can with the time difference and between his missions and stuff but its been going great so far!! He sent me a message in a bottle [literally] last week for Valentines day since he cant be here and we are both looking forward to him returning July 4th. 

I hope yall dont mind that I stick around here even though im dating a ***** [haha get it? sea man.] 

Like a lot of you, I was not able to be with my man today for Valentines day, so he came up with the idea that I go out and get myself a nice dinner [cheescake factory] and have a candle light dinner with his picture in the seat across from me and pretend we are having dinner together.  Dorky, right?!  Well, I did it because I was feeling down and needed to get out of the slump. 

Below is the picture I sent to him of our dinner 'together' and a picture of the message in a bottle he sent me.



I know there are a lot of you girls that are going through deployment right now.  Stay strong girls and keep yourselves busy!!!  Oh and don't forget to go out and treat yourselves once in awhile! :]

Id like an update from you girls.  Did any of yall do something special for yourself this Valentines Day?



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Thats really cool, even if its a lil dorky. lol Its a great memory to have.

sounds like you're doing great so happy for you. :)<br />
<br />
awww how adorable amanda! <br />
<br />
i was planning on sending jesse a message in a bottle also for his bday in august. <br />
<br />
i might be taking a weekend trip down to FL. maybe we can meet up! :D

Aw sweet man congrats girl and good luck with everything!

awe thats cute. i stayed in. but my bf did send me roses and chocolates.