Promotion And Trashcan Rumors

Hey girls.  Happy Valentines Day I hope you all had an awesome day and got spoilt to some degree if not I love you please be my valentine – I’m trying here ok.  AJ came over yesterday morning with a huge bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates then because we couldn’t go out cause the minute I stand up I feel like passing out we stayed inside.  I got a foot massage and a hand massage and we cuddled on the couch and spoke and watched movies and just spent the whole day together.  It wasn’t exceptionally romantic but I don’t care it was the thought that counted.


AJ told me he is getting promoted to Staff Sergeant in March and I finally got the full story on what was happening with him on the first day I was back.  He said that he heard the day I got back from Darfur and they had just heard that his brother was being considered for the silver star and I had just heard about Jason and Sam getting engaged and he felt like his promotion wasn’t as important as everything else that was going on so he played it down and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Then I started acting funny and fainting and found out that I had malaria and he was just more worried than anything else. So I know this is a huge deal for him and I know he’s over the moon and normally he’d be out there celebrating and I wish he didn’t feel he had to even though I do understand why. He doesn’t ever have play things down for me seriously I don’t care whether he announces that he that he wants to become a beach bum for the rest of his life if he’s happy then I’ll be happy about it I wish he’d realize that I wish that sometimes he’d actually realize that it as big as everything that was going on I would have never thought any different if he told me and was happy about it and because it was huge and big for him its big and huge for me too.  I want him to be happy and I want to be happy for him and I want him to know that he never has to hide that or play it down ever.  He finally admitted that he was happy about it and would never play anything down again – I think he was just tired of being lectured by somebody who looks like a character on Zombie Returns.


He also said that there’s been rumors floating on base that they might get sent to Trashcan late this year or early  next year and said that he couldn’t sit here doing nothing while there were guys out there fighting for their lives he wants to be there doing what he can fighting with them not sitting at home twiddling his thumbs.  I knew that at some point he was going to drop this little bomb and its fine its his job he signed up for it and needs to do it and besides the only thing I’m kind of hanging onto is right now its rumors nothing more!!  


But otherwise I’m doing much better I have never slept so much in my life before and then still be tired afterwards nor slept but not really the only good thing about this is I’ve lost a lot of weight bring on weddings I’m officially at my target weight.  I’m going for a check up later on today!!  Anyway I hope you all doing well and have been smiling if not why!! Seriously over the years I learnt that no matter how bad things get if you put a smile on that face of yours you going to feel a million times better than you did before – try it I promise it works every time!!         

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

lol thanks Sam i dont think the rumors have more truth to it than we think!! lol when you going to see Jas again?

Aw yay! AJ's such a sweety pie! Jason phoned and was like i wish u were here or i was there or something but all i want is u! I hope the trashcan rumors stay rumors but i doubt cause it looks like Jason's going in nov! Good luck with the check up!