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So, haven't updated much lately, but my boyfriend will be done with boot camp in about 2 1/2 weeks!! I hope all of you had a great Valentine's Day even if you didn't get to be with your man.  Well I need some help... I've been writing to my boyfriend pretty much everyday since boot camp started, so I'm wondering when should I stop writing him??  He'll be going through the crucible next week so I'm not sure if I should write through the end of this week or not....and another question...for those of you that went to the graduations...what did you wear for family day and especially for graduation?? 


Semper Fi!

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well my boyfriend is in San Diego, so hopefully they have stores like there too which I'm sure they will!! So did you just wear some jeans on graduation day usmclove??

Lol yea, deff on Family day everyone wears Marine shirts! And the same for graduation! I wore a property of a Marine shirt..they have this store in the town that we stayed at. Its like 5 min from PI. Its called the Corps Store! Its awesome!!!! Thats where i got Ramon his grad gift!!!! They have all the shirts and hoodies..etc.

thanks girls!! all this helps a lot!! Yeah I've heard to dress pretty casual on family day, but I wasn't sure if I should dress real dressy on graduation or not...and as for the weather...I'll definitely keep an eye out for that cuz I don't want to end up soaked in a skirt or dress for that matter lol

But make sure you address appropriate for the weather! When I was down at PI, girls were wearing short skirts and heels. It poured rain ALL DAY family day, and it was FREEZING cold on graduation.<br />
Check the weather and sacrifice being "cute" for being dressed appropriately! He'll think your beautiful no matter what your wearing :)

Family day- (atleast in San Diego) 90% of everybody was wearing t-shirts and jeans. A lot of custom graduation or generic Co. t shirts. I wore a t shirt and a skirt. And flats! Wear comfortable shoes. <br />
<br />
Graduation- look nice! He will look amazing, and you'll take pictures. But still comfortable shoes. I wore a blouse and a skirt. Most people were dressed sort of business casual, or in uniform, or just jeans/tshirt.

Aww you guys are almost there!!! Graduation and Family Day will be AMAZING!!!!! I guarantee you that when you see all the platoons marching in your heart will just swell up with pride!!!!!!! :D<br />
I sent mine his last letter the week before grad. He said they didnt get any mail the week of grad.

alright awesome!! thanks!!! and I will!! =)

Hey girl (: congrats to almost being done! My fiancee just left for MCT a week ago, but his 10 days of leave was AMAZING! As far as letters, a week before graduation. (the friday before graduation) is when i sent my last one, and he said he got it. So somewhere around there should be good.<br />
<br />
have a great time when he's backkk (: