Valentine's Day With My Marine!

Hey girlies!!

 So Valentine's Day/weekend was amazing!! My Marine came home to spend V-Day with me, and boy was I glad he did. I baked him yummy cupcakes and I made him a CD with all of the songs that remind me of him, and he got me a new I Love my Marine sticker for my car, a plush daisy, and a giant Reese's heart!!! Yummm! He also took me out to a nice dinner Sunday night. He got all spruced up in his uniform and he looked might I say....SEXY!! It was so good to spend time with him after a month of not seeing each other. The waiting is the most difficult part, but it is so worth it. The look on his face, that first kiss, all of it. Anyway, I hope that you ladies had a wonderful V-Day with your Marines and for those of you ladies with a deployed Marine...keep that head up. He'll be home before you know it, and believe me he is worth the wait. Every second.


As promised here are some pictures!!




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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I got to see my bf too!!! I saw him for the first time in his dress blues....damnnnnnnn ;). I got to take it off for him too. It's HARD!!