What A Coincidence!

Hey girls! Hope everyone is doing well and had  a good Valentine's Day. My bf is in boot camp until March 12th so me and my daughter spent the day together lol. Ant told me that i could send him magazines and power bars, so I went out the the store to pick him up some things and while I was there this old guy started talking to me outta no where asking me if I had a boyfriend and what not (kinda creepy at first).  Anyways long story short, he used to be in the Marines and his son, who he was trying to set me up with, was also a Marine who recently graduated from Parris Island and I knda knew him. He went to the same recruiting office as my bf and I had seen him down there a couple of times last year.  It was hilarious! He was so embarrassed. He helped me pick out some magazines and told me what power bars didnt taste like crap. Such a small world haha. 

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

lolz it is a VERY small world i also spent my valentines alone ...n hey talkin bout small world im from CT as well werid i didnt think i would find anyone from CT here lolz...

haha it is a small world :) I hope you had a good valentines day. even though Ryan wasn't here I made the best of it!