My Boyfrined Was Curious...

hey girlies hope everyone had a great day. i was talking to my boyfriend about this website and all you girls and he wanted me to ask you guys about the communication on camp leatherneck. i know right now with the current activity it isnt good, i know some of u girls havent talked to your guys in awhile but he was wondering if the communication was ok before that. i figured you girls would know first hand exactly how it was. anything u guys could tell me would be great, he'll be there in a month and just would like to have an idea. thanx 

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2010

thanx girls! that info helps, i figured it would be different for everyone depending on job, brandon may also be on dwyer for awhile. cricket3 i didnt get your message! :( and failingisnotanoption wow i hope i get every 4-7 days thats a bit more then i was expecting lol. i guess ill find out when he's there. thanx again!

Idk chris is at dwyer....communication is better than I expected which is nice I get a call every month...which is cool bc chris and I don't enjoy talking on the phone while he's away...its more special when its every once in awhile for us, plus he finds it harder to hear my voice so he calls when its been down right ****** and needs a pick me up but we email ((b4 the surge)) a few times a week...he also has a fobbit job so that helps us....depending on his job how busy he is and what he's doing will determine alll sadly ur gunna have to wait and see how much communication he will get

hey girl! i sent you a message about the upcoming deployment.

It was pretty good as far as deployments go. :) I used to get calls every 4-7 days while he was at Leatherneck and not on missions. They usually only get 20-30 minutes to talk...but sometimes you get lucky and its longer. Communication really depends on how busy the guys seems to be a little different for everyone.