My Valentine's Day

This was my first time seeing him after boot camp! I picked him up, and he wore his dress blues! Damnnnnn he looked so amazingg!!!!! Even though he techniqually isn't allowed to wear them :p.Um, they're kinda hard to take off :P.We kissed in the car. Our plan was to initially go for some Italian food, but we changed our minds cause we just wanted to cuddle and hold each other instead of being "apart" in a restaurant. He got me a Marine ring. I got his birthstone, and he got my birthstone on his ring. My fingers are mad small, and the ring is big so I just wear it as a necklace. I think that's more convenient though in a sense. I love it! So we just cuddled and talked. Oh, before that we picked up Dunkin Donuts & ate a lot. :) He got so much food because he was junk food deprived in boot. I got my share of food too, even though he ate more :) We then napped for a bit. When I left his house to go home, I got lost for a bit. Thank goodness I had him to give me directions lol.

So that's my Valentine's Day. It was so simple, but it meant so much. The day couldn't have been more perfect.

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thanks u guys!!<br />
well, it's not that we didn't talk about marriage. he kinda asked me if that's what he saw in our relationship BEFORE he went to boot cuz i think he was a bit nervous. i told him that it was honestly what i wanted but we're def not ready for that yet. however, the marriage topic hasn't come up yet, so it's all good. i;m kinda nervous about that whole aspect lol.

haha i got a Marine ring too after boot. i wear it everyday, thats awesome you had a good time! (:

To the best of my knowledge, he can wear his dress blue bravos on leave and liberty within the USA at his discretion. My husband wore them to church after he graduated. As for the tiny ring finger, I totally understand! I have a size 4 ring finger, and everything has to get resized.

thanks for that hint! well, if he had asked me for my ring size, mm idk. i still don't think we're at that marriage point discussion. soo yea, it would be a bit weird if he asked for my ring size. i don't mind though. at least now he knows my ring size now:). it was so cute how he was nervous to give it.

he said that he can only wear them for parades, funerals, basically the formal stuff & if a higher authority saw him wearing it in public he'd be screwed

Dude you were right about him getting the ring part!! Before he gave it to me, he looked at my tiny hands & said that his gift might not work. So in my head I already knew he got the ring when he said that comment. I didn't say anything though lol.