Holy Moley.

Hello my lovely ones!

for those who don't know me, I'm Paige. I've been on here for just shy of 2 years now! I don't post a lot, but I do comment. haha, I feel like my life is boring the majority of the time and that no one is interested in what I have to say! :p

WHAT A WEEKEND. Almost everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong in the beginning.

I'm laying next to Chris (my fiance) right now. He's chewing in his sleep, it's quite funny actually. I always ask him what he's eating hoping he'll say something stupid like cheese... but he never answers hahah. So I was supposed to get here in NC Friday around 5pm. I woke up early because my flight from home left at 6am. I get to the airport and it's cancelled!!!!!! ****. The people literally wouldn't help me until I started BAWLING. I was so frustrated!!!!!!! Chris was trying to yell at them but I wouldn't give the phone to them.They then booked me a flight to SC because that's the closest to NC that I could get.. so I went for it. I got to atlanta and around 1pm I find out my flight to SC is cancelled an hour before it's supposed to leave. I was so scared, I'm from Iowa! I then stood in a line for freaking ever at my gate to get it rebooked. A lady rerouted me to myrtle beach, SC. Once again, couldn't get to NC. I had to wait until morning though.... I didn't want to spend the night at the airport but I was scared to get a hotel in Atlanta, such a big city. I'm a small girl! Ok, I do not recommend this!-- however I did get lucky and truly believe this lady is an angel. I met an old lady named Helen at my gate. She saw how scared I looked and she offered to let me stay with her in her hotel room. I would usually NEVER do that... but something about her was lovely lol. She wasn't creepy, all she talked about was her grandson, and her son.. She cried a few times actually. Her son was in the AF. He died overseas four months ago, he was buried at Arlington... HIS son was born 2 months ago. Sooo sad, I tried so hard not to cry and to stay strong for her. I think she took me in because she has 5 grand kids and her she knew I was trying to go see my own military man. Anywhoo, this angel of a lady and I got to our hotel and we had to wait in a four hour line to get a room with the voucher the airport lady gave Helen. We get to our room and it's a PIT. **** in the toilet, dirty mirrors, NO sheets or blankets on our bed, furniture pushed into the center of the room etc etc. It was SO NASTY.. It was the Ramada!!!!!!!!! We first asked for blankets and pillows twice. When they didn't respond she marched down there and forced them to give us a new room. After four hours of waiting be received a **** stain of a room. We got a great room after that! I wake up 3 hours later, get ready, and catch a taxi with.... you guessed it... A MARINE!!!!!!!!! hahaha wtf! I didn't even know he was a marine. He was a boot, my age. Super nice lol! It was a sign. I get to the airport and WHAM my flight to Myrtle beach is CANCELLED. I'm freaking the crap out. I got in the reroute cancelled flights line at the delta counter. I waited in that line for ALMOST FIVE HOURS LITERALLY. I was sitting on the ground in line and scooching my butt forward everytime the line moved every 10 minutes. I didn't know if it'd even be worth it, but I stayed in that line. I was almost up when some Sgt Army man stood in front of all of us hundreds of peeps in line and said "these guys have places to be let them cut" a whole huge klan of army people CUT in front of me. OK, I'm all for supporting the troops. I'm engaged to a marine... but that pissed me the hell off. It pissed a lot of people off!!! We ALL have places to be. I think they noticed because soon after that they started going army person, civilian, army person, civilian in the line. I got to the counter after hours and hours and the lady gave me the VERY LAST SEAT on a flight to wilmington NC, my original destination at noon that very day!!!!!! I was so happy I cried. Some random nice girl from Minnisota hugged me hahaha! I waited forever for that flight, it got delayed 3 times. I was getting so pissed again haha.. Luckily I got to NC finally. I got to spend Saturday night, sunday, and monday with Christopher. It was amazing :) I leave this tuesday afternoon. SAD. I MIGHT not get to see him til July. I'm not complaining though, at least I got to see his handsome face! he's off to Afghan in july, i've found out the dates, where, and everything.. I'm nervous. We've been through Iraq but I'm anxious for what afghan is going to be like. Especially after seeing dear john today. yipes.


sorry for the novel. I just thought I'd update you on my horrific turned wonderful weekend.

I hope you're all doing well!!!

Love, Paige.

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Omg! that would be very stressful and scary! I can't believe you stayed with some random lady?!? Thats so funny! I'm glad it all worked out and you were safe AND were able to see you boy :)<br />
Have a safe trip home!

Omg! that would be very stressful and scary! I can't believe you stayed with some random lady?!? Thats so funny! I'm glad it all worked out and you were safe AND were able to see you boy :)<br />
Have a safe trip home!

Holy crap girl!! This is the reason that I'm afraid to fly on my own!! And my marine is in NC too!! Honestly, I probably would have had a meltdown, but way to go by keeping that head up! I can't even believe that you met such a nice lady! Now that never happens, so someone was on your side! Despite this insane experience, what a great memory to have for the rest of your life! By the way, your guy better love you even more for having to go through that!!

im sorry the aiport thing didnt go so well... at least you found a nice lady and she offered a room for you to stay, I slept in the aiport once wait let me rephase i stayed in the airport not much sleep at all.. im glad you got to your final destination!!! And i bet the wait was well worth it!!

Wow although during the whole time you were totally spazzing, in ten years your going to be like "This one time when I was going to visit your daddy I met all sorts of kind people"l. I think you got a great idea of how nice people can actually be when the going gets tough. BTW Eff those plane attendant people for giving you such a hard time, and ugh the army can be so annoying lol bunch of hot heads :p

Hello Paige! Im Paulina and i just started writing here like a week ago! Im sorry u had to go through all of that to see him!! but hey! now u can't complain ab ur life being boring! lol at least u saw him and met this super nice lady!!

Well I am happy you got to/are seeing your man :) that is amazing. Good luck on everything and I am glad that lady was there to help you :)