Funny... But It Could Have Been Terrible Eek.

omg.. ok so i woke up yesterday to a guy bringing me flowers from Roman.. :) great way to start the day...


well last night we were talkin on the phone... and my cell gets terrible service at my house... so it cuts out alot.  well.. the flowers came up...


i told him they were beautiful. and thank you and whatnot.. and he was like sorry i didnt get roses but you and i both know that we cant afford that right now.. and  i was like like no baby.. dont be sorry. they were great. and who needs roses anyways...  lol i told him... i was just lucky he wasnt as cheap as me... bc i would have walked in and said alright gimme the cheapest thing you got. and it would have looked like i picked them from the side of the street. and i told him he didnt have to spend that much.. bc i didnt spend that on him.  well he got really quiet all of the sudden... and i was like  whats wrong.. why are you actin like that all of  the sudden. he was like i have to go... i'll call you later... i was like... ohhhk.. ? well texttd him.. and asked what i did.. and this is the EXACT text i got back. "kayla u jus  told me that u could have got the 75$ flowers i got you off the street n i should have not spent that much bc you dnt on me.  n i prob asked for the cheapest flowers they got bc thats   wat they  were wtf. kayla i ****** try ok give me a dam   break im sry they didnt meet your standards."  ok. apparently my phone was cutting out. and he thought that whole time when i was talkin about how cheap I AM... he thought i was  i talkin about him... felt horrible. its really funny now.. but had i not made him tell me what  was wrong. he would still think i was being that shallow. ughh men... lol

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yess i fixed it... lol