The Ex Texted Him!

hey girls! i hope u all had a great day yesterday!!


I did! Mike couldn't came Saturday as it was supposed, but instead they let him come Sunday! which was great cause we got to spend our first valentine's together. he showed on my door with roses and 2 cards.. he gave me a big hug and lot of kisses i was really romantic, has way too early so we cuddle in bed for a little bit, he told he got me two cards cause he couldn't decide between those 2 and so he better decided to get me both! =)

so we went shopping and got new phones, he added me to his line =) then we came back to my house and i was playing with his phone when he got a text that said " I MISS U" from an unknown number, I felt like my  blood was boiling i swear! but didn't say anything, i just asked him if he knew who that was.. he said no! babe all freaked out... and then he got another text from the same number that said " I KNOW I DON'T MEAN **** TO U BUT I DO"  this last one was kinda bittersweet sensation to me, cause it made me feel like at least he was not into her but at the same time i noticed he knew who that was..

I tried to stay calm ... and tried to not let "this person" ruined my perfect day.. i just ask him if he had something to tell me.. that i was not mad at him but that i knew that he knew who texted him... he kept telling me that he didn't know which one of his ex was... that he don't care about anyone else but me and that he was happy he got a new phone so that kinda stuff wont happen again.

Do u think I did the right thing?? or do u think is something weird going on there?

I feel so happy with him that i don't wanna waste the few time i get to spend with him arguing ab  his ex... but i know how guys are

so .....


oh here's a pic from yesterday!!

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thank u girls! i just needed to hear it from someone else! u know.. to make sure im not being blinded by love...<br />
<br />
cause im sure she knows he's happy in a relationship with me, he has pics with me on facebook and myspace...and let's be honest we all know when our ex's are dating someone new ( specially if we still care ab them) right?<br />
<br />
thanks girlies, and i hope u can spend Ryan's bday with him :D<br />
and thanks for the pic compliment!! =)

everything will be just fine.. it is probably that one ex that is "if i can't have him no girl can" kind of thing. and don't sweat it especially since the second text was saying she knows he doesn't miss her. Congrats on being able to spend Valentines day together :) I am praying I at least get to see Ryan on his birthday next month. Don't worry about whoever it was though girl :)

Thats ****** up, I know that woulda ruined my day. He seems believeable about not knowing who or why theyre texting him, dont go overboard unless you notice other things. Which hopefully wont happen, stay postive and CUTE pic!