The Vday Update :]


I had to wait a couple days before I posted what happy on Valentines Day between Alex and I, lol. I needed to be positive and not sound ungrateful and whiny :]

I was on the computer reading the post you ladies were leaving when suddenly my phone rang, and it kinda scared me a little. I looked at the screen and saw the name Alex and I LITERALLY ran down the hall screaming at the top of my lungs [I must've looked crazy to my siblings] and then quieted myself and picked up the phone and this is how it went:

Lexi: "Hello?"

Alex: "Baby?"

Lexi: "Baaaabe!"

Alex: *nervous laugh* "Baby, I only have six minutes..."

Lexi: *after a short pause to regain my thoughts* "...Um, How's training love?"

Alex: "Babe, wait... Happy Valentines Day! I love you and I miss you so much!!"

Lexi: "Happy Vday! I love you too!!! and you already know how much I miisss you!"

Alex: "Training is cool, I'm in the middle of the woods right now, I have no idea where I'm at. We wake up and spend our day shooting and blowing **** up, it's snowing and I hate that part"

Lexi: "That's so cool! Getting to blow stuff up and see snow, Lucky!!"

Alex: "Baby, how are you? How's everything at your dads... are you ok?"

Lexi: "It's kind of surreal, almost like someone's about to pull the rug out from under me but yeah I'm ok. I'm tough remember?"

Alex: "Yeah, baby, your my tough marine corp girlfriend

Alex: "Hold on.." *I hear yelling in the background*

Alex: *choking up a little* "Babe, I gotta go...."

Lexi: "Okay... Te quiero amor mio!" ---> I want you my love (not necessarily in that context lol it means like love and miss you in spanish)

Alex: "Happy Valentines Day mi vida! I love you" ----> My Life

Lexi: "Bye my love.."

Alex: "Bye baby, I love you"

Hangs up.... Length of Conversation 4 minutes 37 seconds

As soon as we hung up I started crying like a baby. I was curled up in a little ball in the corner of my bed sobbing. I felt pretty pathetic because my tears weren't a sign of ungratefulness. It was moreso that I miss him so damn much. All the hell that's been breaking loose in my life these past 3 weeks and most importantly this week I've been trying to amend with the fact that "On Sunday, Alex is gonna call and make it all better". What with my mother telling me I'm dead to her, getting accustomed to the new house, my new "babysitting job" with my younger siblings on top of work and school, problems with friends, and Alex being so far away I just really hoped the feeling I'd have after that phone call would'nt be the one I was having at that present moment.

I pulled myself together and walked out of my bedroom and back into the living room and tried to fall back into my routine, my aunt and uncle were over and the babies were acting wild so I just sat there silently tapping away on the computer. Of course my aunt noticed and came and gave me a hug asking me what Alex had said and why the convo. was so short so in the middle of my conversation I broke down.

*Side Note: I am in no way, shape or form open with my family feelings wise.

I told them how much I missed him and how I never say that ever cause I know it won't bring him back any sooner. I said "I am always trying to stay positive for everyone, including myself but sometimes it's so hard. I feel like the walls are caving in around me and my only support is 'in the middle of the woods somewhere with no idea where he is'.. and I'm just a selfish person wishing he was here"... silence, my family didn't know what to say lol I caught them so off guard.

In the middle of my little break-down I was texting my friend Liz from EP. You all may know her as Lithfi. Well Liz wrote me a message one day telling me how she really liked my strength and positivity and from that day we began talking in different ways but she really came through for me when I was down. She told me that everything was going to be ok and that I would see Alex soon. She was like my little reminder to stay positive and I told her that she was right and I was just happy having the chance to even talk to him to which she replied "Yay! That's the positive Lexi that I know!".

The point of my story is I think more and more I'm realizing what a support system you girls are turning out to be. I know we don't have our Marines and some of us have friends that tell us the stupidest BS on the planet like "He's gonna cheat on you" or worse "He signed up for his death" and it's hard to believe that anyone could really understand us. I take into consideration a lot of girls don't even know about this site. Were all really lucky to have eachother and the steps were taking to be more positive are very welcomed by me. I know that know matter how bad things may seem with my life, there's always someone out there going through worse. I want to be strong for them and myself. Negativity never did get anyone anywhere, right?


Well Semper Fidelis, ladies,

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Your one sentences are the best Liz!!

agreed! apparently i can only write like on sentence on this story lol so this is it

Pandabebop!! We have no need to explain ourselves to nomac, he's obviously troubled and after a day of being picked on he comes to his computer and bullies us girls for no reason besides he's a sad little person. We all just need to look at his comments like our marines look at their D.I's lol. Look through them like they don't exist :] <br />
<br />
Our men taught us better than to listen to a child. We know what we have and what we are and there's nothing he can say to change that! Right ladies??!! WOOHOO<br />
<br />
A revolution against Nomack---> Ignore the Hate! Ignore the Hate!! lol

Thank you so much but I don't feel the need to block him because the things he says do not phase me in the least. He's just a child throwing a temper tantrum and I work with children all day every day so he's nothing new. I know that sometimes babies need to vent so I let him and sadly he entertains me :p he thinks he sounds smart but really he makes himself look silly so I find amusement in that lol. You girls should too instead of getting mad at his sillyness just look past it :]

lol Liz... it's going to be Okay :p


ok im gonna try again. lexi of course the nomac dude

ok seriously wtf it would let me comment my whole comment! :(

grrrr it cut off my comment how rude!!!! lol anyhoo i was saying and lexi of course he

just ignore him girlies and lexi of course he

...Ladies for some reason Nomac has this strange fascination with my stories and I truly believe they are like his new fetish. Don't worry, guy, I'll have updates soon for everyone! :]

I agree!

WTF is up with ^^?????<br />
<br />
Anywayy, Im happy for you girl! :)

Thank you so much, your support means a lot and I always have my support to offer to anyone in need :}

You are very strong and positive.. My home life hasn't been great since i can remember!! My fiance is now gone and i to look for the same support in al these ladies... the women on this site have been through stuff noone could imagine and they ahve all gained and suffered at the sametime... sometimes it helps to break down and cry because that shows that your not fake it doesnt meant that you arnt strong. Everyone has to have a day where they just let it all go!! Im always here for you if you need me!! kamrie