Back :(

I just got back this morning from seeing Charlie in Maryland. It was amazing. we hung out on base, went shopping in a near by town, went out to eat, and hung out with some onf his buddies and their girls. He cooked me speghetti for lunch and steak and potatoes for supper on vday! he bought me a really pretty necklace, and hes sending me his dog tags....he was suppose to get them but they were closed :(. my flights were good so i was really reallly happy! Hes such an amazing guy and im so lucky to have him!

wirtzgirlusmc wirtzgirlusmc
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

it was great! i just thought it was really funny that there were signs about icy roads! I live in wisconsin so i thought that was weird cuz here...they are icy all winter lol