So Scared ..

so like some other of you girls on here - my boyfriend is also apart of the Marjah offensive.. i cant even begin to describe how it feels. im so proud of him but sooooo scared for him.  I never know if he is safe. I can only pray for him. I feel so helpless. I cant sleep at night because i know that while i am sleeping - he is in the middle of a war zone. the last time i heard from him was last Sunday (not valentines day - the Sunday before). he called me from a satellite phone and the service was horrible. i only got to speak to him for 2 minutes before the call dropped. the night before he called - i was having such a horrible night. i cried myself to sleep because i was missing him so much. the next day - i still felt like crap and I'm worried that he could hear it in my voice. i promised myself that whenever he called - no matter how i was feeling - i would never let him hear that i was upset - because the last thing i want is for him to worry about me. And now - i don't know when ill hear from him next. its really weighing heavy on my heart. what if he thinks I'm losing feelings for him?? that is definitely not the case - i love him so much but what if he thinks differently because of our last conversation? I'm constantly checking the news - seeing if there is anything new. i just pray that it is all over soon ..

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I doubt he's worried about your feelings for him changing right now. Don't stress over that right now hun. Just keep writing and when he does finally get your letters, he'll be even more reassured. :)Hopefully you'll get another call soon! I've been praying for them all sine before this started.<br />
My husband had been out, but yesterday they came back to some base and it doesnt look like he'll be going back out but i'm not counting on that just in case things change again.