Phase 2 Of Boot Camp!

so i got a letter from zach today that said he's getting ready to start phase 2 of his boot, he goes to camp pendelton(sp? lol). he also said that he won't be able to write as much once he gets there but that he wants me to keep writing him. i was just wondering like if his address changes how i'll get that address? i can't believe that boot is going by so fast, i'm soo ready for his graduation...i can't wait to see him!!! 

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thanks's a lot of help having people that know what is going on lol...i don't think he'll get a phone either but that'd be awesome lol! he said he prolly won't be able to write for a while but i'm still gonna write him as much as i have been.

His address is the same. He is just up at Pendleton for the rifle range. They don't have one at MCRD... because it's like right next to the airport and the city of San Diego. He probably won't be able to send any letters for a week or 2. It's like field week up there. But just send your letters exactly as you have been... he will contnue to get them up there.

I'm not familiar with west coast boot camp....and it seems like a lot of our guys went to Parris Island.<br />
So thats why theres confusion with the comments.<br />
I'd say if he doesnt notify you of the address change, he'll still get the mail you send to his original address. :)

lol no he's still in boot but it's the second phase...he just finished swim week so now he goes to camp pendelton until his graduation. i really hope he gets a phone here but i don't want to get my hopes up just in case, God what i would give to hear his voice!

He should get a phone at camp pendleton and no his address. I talk to Ryan every single day all the time sometimes whenever he is even working. but congrats on him finishing boot camp almost :) that is so exciting!