Late Valentine's Present

Yay I got flowers from Afghanistan! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to download pictures on here? I have tried every different way and I cannot figure it out. The stupid flower company tried to deliver them to my work on Sunday....duh we are a business and not open on Sundays. The card read:

"Even if I'm half a world away I would always tell you I love you on Valentine's Day. I love you my Princess Honey Bunny. Love your Marine covered in sand. M"


If you have me on Facebook there is a pic on there and I will put it in my photos here too.

Caligirl125 Caligirl125
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7 Responses Feb 16, 2010

AWW!!! that's so cute :D

aww girl we both got roses YAY :) thats so excited i know you where telling me that they where suppose to come im glad you got them :) YAY

thats so awesome! (:

HAHAHAA we both got flowers from Afghanistan today!!!! Yours are beautiful!!! Mine aren't open yet so I'm gonna wait a day or two to take a picture but I think I got lilies and roses!!! Our men rock!!! lol!!!

The card was so sweet :)

mmMMMmm i love them!!! you lucky girl!

I deleted the first story because the picture didn't show up initially.