Finally Here!!

& things are soooo wonderful!, The drive SUCKED but well worth it... I can't believe im here close to him again it seems like a dream, i got here Friday and picked him up on base, and we went to check into my hotel, its a nice size room, but it deff dont look like what i saw on the Internet, there excuse was well the pics online is the new renovated rooms, and there in the process of that now, and i get the first one at the end of this week...So im happy about that. Neways we have been attached to the hip since i got here, 5 days and 4 night with him without the MC getting in the way!! :D:D:D:D lol

There is a lot more here to do then where i did live!, we went to the zoo here Saturday, and ate out a lot, thank god i have a gym downstairs i gotta work of all this food i ate haha...Ive never at at the Panda Express and ive herd its good so were gonna try that place soon, He took me out to the mall sunday for v-day and its HUGE!, and let me get whatever i wanted, we didn't have a Hollister store where i lived and i took me a little shopping spree in there :), then monday we did absolutely nothing but chill at my place and just spend alone time...they later that night we went to the rave movie theaters & holly crap its huge too compaired to home...We saw the lightning theaf, it was ok...Then todayyyy we just went and ate at this place called the purple cow and we had to pick up his friend at the bus station and we went on base and bowled till he had to go back at 5...

Soooo all in all this weekend was so wonderful & i love having my husband again!!, I have a story that is funny but kinda scary at the same time but i dont wanna put it in this post cuz idk lol its kinda embarrassing but the ppl that actually care about me here and wanna know about it pleae feel free to email me and ill write you and tell you about it. Welp thats about it..haha ill think of more to write later now im just chilling and bout to make me a lean pocket..:)

Night Ladies Semper Fi!!

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Awesome!! so happy for you ♥♥♥<br />
<br />
I'll be the wife of my USMC Fighter Pilot in a few months.......... #Counting Sleeps