Hey Ladies (: Quick Question.

Hope you all had a wonderful valentines day, mine was nothing but an ordinary day.

Anyway, i've been reading alot of older stories because i'm super bored, but i noticed alot of the girls on here don't live with their Marines.

I'm engaged, Jeremiah and I plan to get Married in July, (he'll get stationed that month) i was just wondering if it's harder than it looks to live together?

Or you don't live with one another bc your not married, and have school, etc?

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daejuan and i lived together before he joined....so when he's home he's always here with me<br />
but yeah i dont live with him in NC because we aren't married

I'm not living with Brian because we got married a couple months before this deployment and I wasnt moving to CA to be alone for 7 months (I'm SO glad I didn't. Having our families here has helped so much!)...and when he gets home, it'll only be three months until he's out of the Marine Corps and moving back to PA. I have a job here and I had to finish my last couple classes before moving was practical. Plus being here while he's deployed saves us a TON of money... Thats going to allow us to have two newer, good, vehicles paid OFF before he's out (this fall). It should help the transition from the Corps to the civilian world go a little more smoothly.

I agree with greeem01 and theres also the fact that deployments are unpredictable. Its always a great idea to wanna be together, but its not always the best option when your both focusing on different goals such as school, etc. I would love to be with my marine everyday and not have to be so freakin far apart. Just make sure that you really think about how big a decision this move will be, Im not tryin to be a downer but its not that easy to just pick up and move away from all that you know.

Thats awesome, i wish there wasn't such a long wait list for on base housing. I know he (and I) would feel much safer living on base while he's always.

Whenever Ryan gets back from being deployed I am moving wherever he is. We are getting married before he deploys maybe? He leaves in Sept. but I am like you I don't want to live at home while I am married... weird haha. but we don't want to buy an apartment in california and for me to move 2,000 miles away from texas when i have never lived anywhere else by myself. Since he will be gone for a little over a year if we do get married, we are talking about getting an apartment in Aug (since he will be here a month before he is deployed) and move in together then and then move to California whenever he is back (but while he is deployed we are going to start being on the waiting list for on base housing. so when he gets back it might be our turn :) )

oh yeah i know that, i meant he wanted me to stay wherever we live, and not go back home. lol i just said on base to make it quick lol but thanks (:

Keep in mind that there is a waiting list for on base housing and it may take awhile to get that. You may need to stay off base. I don't know if you've ever lived with your marine but living with someone can either make or break a relationship. Remember to take things slow and steady, and if you're going to live with him you need to be a support system not dead weight lol. That's what I always tell myself. As much as I want to just go be with Alex in order for our relationship to work we need to be able to support one another. So find out all your info and see what's recquired and what not. Just be informed girlie!! :]

yeah, i'm not planning on moving back when he deploys. I think i'll be okay, i'd rather be in "our home" while he's gone rather than my parents home... and i just wouldnt feel right being married and living with my parents. lol but he wants me to stay on base also.

lol yeah he wants me to move when he's stationed. I'm not against it at all, but i was just wondering if its hard to get in the process and what not.