Camp Pendleton Lodge?

Has anyone stayed here before!?! I am trying to get a room there for March26-28 for Ryans birthday. But he doesn't know if he will have another 72 so we don't know if I will get to see him that much if I go.. personally I wouldn't care if I got to see him for a night I just want to see him. But anyways..

is it hard to get into?

if they don't have a 72 would he still be able to go there at night since it is on base?

I only have a month to make a reservation but I don't know if it would be possible because it said try to do it 6 months before to hold it.


and if you haven't stayed there has anyone stayed in a hotel that they would recommend by camp pendleton?

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Try to get the beach cottages. They're on base and they have a kitchen.

HAHA! I wish I could go for 3 nights. But unless I break my arm on purpose and get a Dr. note I can't miss anymore days of school or I will be kicked out of my english class. We are only allowed 3 absences on the 4th one you are out i have already missed 2 :( so i dont want to take any chances. I REALLY REALLY want to stay on the base though I called the people today but they were asking me so many questions I didn't have time so I am calling them again today.

Im looking for a hotel too for three nights!!<br />
what a coincidence!<br />

yes ma'am it sure is, I found a hotel in Oceanside that is $89 a night it is at an Extended Stays.. I am just looking for a hotel with a kitchen it it so I can cook whenever I am there Ryan hasn't been able to eat anything but junk since he has been there lol. but I really want to stay on base in case he doesn't have a 72 so I can see him more but Oceanside isn't too far.