1st Deployment

Well, I am not sure where to start.  This is the first time I go through this.  My name is Kassandra, and I have been dating my Marine for 3 months.  Our relationship progressed rather quickly, and well I am a little bummed out.  I just got a message from him that he was being deployed. He is with Special Operations, and when we first decided to pursue our relationship, he sat me down and explained how it worked.  He explained that there are times, when they get called in to report, and sometimes they are drills or it can be the real thing.  He explained that bc everything is classified he is not allowed to give details.  I got a call from him earlier today to let me know he was called in and didn't know if it was a drill or real.  About 30 min later I got a text telling me they were leaving and thats all he can say.  I haven't heard anything else, so bc we are currently having a ld relationship, i don't know how or what i am suppose to do or react.  Mostly bc i don't know how all this works.  I am just a little caught off guard.  I knew wthis would happen, just didn't expect it to happen so soon!

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Well.... false alarm.. He called me and let me know it was just a drill. I nearly puked from all the emotions and relief i was feeling.. Although I am glad i found this site to help me, learn from, and all that good stuff, so that I can be prepared for the real thing. I think that this drill also woke him up.... lol

Thanks Ladies. I just feel saddened. We had just crossed into a new level of our relationship. We are both single parents, and this past weekend, he introduced me to his children. My children are already attached to him, its unbelievable. We are having a ld relationship bc I am currently finishing school, and we were making plans to get married at the end of the semester, and so that my kids n I could move to where he is at. I am just worried thats all. I love him so much, and miss him already bc of the 100 miles between us, and now this. I knew it would happen, just thought it would after we were already married. We had just told our kids our plans... Its for a reason I know it is.. I will be right here waiting for him...

I am new to this too. Mine left a month ago and we were only together for 2 weeks before. Although we had been corresponding via email for months before his R & R. He had to leave to finish his tour for 6 more months. As one of these lovely ladies pointed out to me, it is important to feel how you feel. What I mean by that is dont try to rationalize or over think or analyze. Just let yourself feel it. The life of a marine is unpredictable and they are so dedicated to their service. It is more than a job to them, its a brotherhood. Just try to remember that he isnt leaving due to his own choice or anything. His first commitment is to the Marines. I am sure he is thinking about you as much as his sanity allows and that he wishes he could talk to you and explain. Just remember, feelings arent rational, thats why they are feelings. And what you are going through, isnt for the feint of heart. You are a strong woman to date a marine. So keep you head up and if you need anything, We are here.