How Do You...

...turn your man on while being many miles or oceans away from one another?

I am working on Garretts second package and I want to add an "oo lala" factor to it.  I guess im just trying to see if any of you have any creative ideas?  Webcam is not an option for us and I have and will continue to send pics.  Last care package I sent him intimate coupons for when he gets home.  haha. Is this TMI?  =) sorry if it is.  I just would like to hear what you all may have done.


An idea I came across was getitng a white pillow case and putting glow in the dark paint on your breasts and then laying on the pillow case, so that they can see your boobs at night.  Haha.  While I think this is a cute/funny idea and im pretty sure guys would love it, it makes me nervous. Im going to have to think about that one.

Is there anything youve done that your man loved?!?!




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i just saw that website you mentioned earlier... wow! i would so do something like that for my bf... i usually just take very sexy pictures... it works every time!

you girls are SO good at this!!!!! thanks so much! <br />
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Ive never sent a guy panties but i might have to do that!! hehe I am going to check that hoocymail thing out and try to get creative in coming up with dirty stories hmmmmm<br />
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paige i really like the cosmo article idea! i loveeee those and i think they are a great way for guys to have more of an insight into ideas and what keeps us pleased ;)<br />
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I think im going to do the pillow case thing this weekend. Ill let yall know how it turns out :]]

OMG hoochymail is hilarious. I never sent a letter using it, but I've looked at it. <br />
I almost forgot... my fiance' really enjoyed romance novels for the sex scenes. LOLOLOL. he doesn't even like reading.<br />
Or, you could also send him those sex articles in cosmo magazine.... You know, 60 ways to give great head HAHAH, 50 positions that'll make him scream hahahahha. this is too much fun. :)

I've sent pics and dirty letters hahaha. <br />
OOOH, i sent him one of my thongs lol. He loved that, he still has it. They turned into his good luck charm, he kept them in his front pocket on his cammies. teehee :) i like the paint idea. I'm going to do that next time.

ummmm im taking pics for chris this deployment but dirty letters at random hahahaha lol or things like that....b4 he left i texted him pics he moved to his laptop....

I totally have pics like them. their for my portfolio but totally sent the proofs to paul when he was in boot. only a very few. They are my favorite pics of myself. they make you feel good about yourself. of course paul is the only one who has seen them lol. and the people who have seen my portfolio. lol. but they are amazing. totally worht it. =)

oh wow those are awesome pics i wish i could look like those girls in a photo! lol

k got it. i have photographer friends all over the place when i used to import model. i will see who's avail. for you in your area and of course you don't have to pay i won't have it! lol.<br />
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but oooo i love the pictures on the site! if you're ever up in my area i have three really close friends who would love to take your pictures! an ex of mine is a photograpgher check out his site and maybe get some ideas ;)<br />
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and i'm sure anything you put on will look great. i've done all sorts of themes such as, school girl of course lol, cop, like 348384855059 different lingerie outfits lol, some implied stuff with just panties stuff like that.<br />
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and ahahaha hoochymail i like that saying

Baby- I am in Jacksonville, FL. What kind of pictures do you think I should have taken? <br />
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Check this website out. When I get my *** back into shape, I want these kind of pics taken!!!!<br />
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omg, i always get my scandelous pics printed out at walgreens through snapfish. I hope the developer person doesnt think i am some closet freak or something. eek. [I never print out nude pics, but close enough]<br />
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Hi Kerry! nice to meet ya :) Im Amanda! I do like the calendar idea too! Im going to need to put together some cute outfits! another excuse to go shopping! <br />
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I am not too worried about people seeing the pillowcase at night because he is on the top rack, but its just the whole doing it thing that im hesitant about. Could be funny to have glow in the dark boobs for a few days tho! hehe. [maybe another picture op?]<br />
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What exactly is hoochymail?<br />
<br />
Thanks for all the of the input girls! If you think of anything else, please let me know! Im pretty sure we are all looking for new ideas all the time so its very helpful!

haha all those ideas are so cute! im excited to use some of mine for my boy when he gets deployed! the glow in the dark paint thing is crazy but cute! lol good luck!

How about writing a naughty story for him.

i was gonna say those coupons, i've gotten them for my fiancee before, but i see you've already done that lol. this is just an idea, and idk where your guy is right now... But you could get like cute/sexy outfits, and make a calander with a picture of you for each month themed. ya know? lol<br />
just an idea!<br />
<br />
idk if we've met btw. I'm Kerry (:

lol you're too cute amanda! i think that the glow in the dark paint idea is a fun idea. how about a photoshoot with different outfits he might like? i might have a photographer in mind for you. you said you're in jacksonville right? sorry my mind is all over the place.