Good Day:)

so today has been a wonderful day so far! i mean nothing has really happened to make it a good day, but i am just in a very good mood right now:) maybe its because trent got my letters.. haha.. anywayssss...

Trent found out his station today!!!!!!! he is going to lejeune! anything i should know about there?

you girls have been a great help lately.. i really appreciate this place and everything that i have gotten out of it so far!!! thanks girls!

mplen09 mplen09
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

ugh! i would totally apply... but we arent married yet:( ugh! i want to get married soon tho! ugh.. parents dont want me to get married yet.. lol.. complicated!

aww your so lucky to get lejune if u want base housing apply now b/c one of my friends told me that they are building new apartments but that the people already there get those first