Awesome Day :) Hehe

SO today i got to take a pregger  test and i cant tell anyone the results bc i havent heard from trey yet soo BLAH soo ive been trying not to talk about it to anyone but other then that i have a wonderful day found out i can pick up my puppy tomorrow and i am super excited :) hehe i know this will be my 4th dog just what i need :) but i made myself dinner perogies are the best and i have trusty girls scout cookies by my side. i wasnt as mauseas all day as i have been in a while which is good and well just overall it was a great day. now all i need to do hear from trey hehe cant wait :) i will update everyone on the preggers test when i hear from him


love you all and i hope you all had a great day :)

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20 Responses Feb 17, 2010

You so are!!!!!! congrats girl!!!! So exciting. =)

awwwwwwwwwww you are!!!! yay!!! but i wont say congrats till you officaly say it haha! <br />
=) he's gonna be sooo happy!

YAYYYYYY! Congrats, i mean if you are... which i'm PRETTY sure you are. haha

haha thanks lol :)

yay! congrats on the puppy and the not saying anything! and also congrats on anything else exciting that you found out today!! lol

haha yeah we dont need anyone posting anything on fb my mom will be pissedi kept it from her today lol :)

haha love you lexy lol :)

well thank you guys on the congrats for me not saying anything lol :) hehe

Exactly its either a negative or you cant say yet. So cant say yet is also an answer! I am going to say congrats because like everyone else I also believe your pregnant!

haha ok lol lexy i was talking to her and she asked about the test and i was like i cant say anyting :) and shes like well congrats for not saying anything lol

just tell him our dates helped me know you so well that I just had a feeling :-DDDDDD

haha bu see try told me not to tell anyone not my faut if people figure it out lol :)

haha bu see try told me not to tell anyone not my faut if people figure it out lol :)

totally gave it all away and I love it!!!!

ooo leah leah leah how shall i say thing ZIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP lol and sudrey thanks for the pre-part y but how sis everyone so ure lol DID I GIVE SOMETHING AWAY lol


ahh!! so exciting girl!! let us know ASAP!! :)<br />
i have a good feeling about this!!! haha

yeah when ever i get to talk to trey i will update acordingly and yeah i havent een dropping hints all day and its buggin me now lol. yeah i hav been mauseas for the past like week such for sure lol an my oobs are killing me i have been wearing a sports bar every where to keep them from oving bc it hurts when i walk lol

Your not telling but it does seem like your dropping hints. You did mention nausea plus you said your in a great mood and we know you've been hoping to get pregnant! So hopefully you are. And after you tell your husband your going to have to update everyone here!

im not telling lol :) and do i have you added on my facebook if soo just message ke though FB chat and we will talk :) hehe