Gettin Tattoos Together! :)

I'm thinking round next weekend cuz he has to work this weekend :( but, he is getting my key put on his ribs....oooo that's gonna hurt.

and i'm getting stars with a flower in the middle...I saw it and thought it was soo beautiful! I know this one does not mean anything but i really want a colorful one!!!! lol i guess they are addicting after all but it think this will be the last one.. (maybe)

Newayss i will deff have a picture up when we get them done!!

Matthew didn't feel good today :( i hope he gets to feeling better by tomorrow cuz we have a dinner & skate date! lol we both love to go roller skating :) and we found a place that is open on Thursdays! :) yayyy Hope everyone is doing well....Things are just freakin sweet with me now :) other then the fact that i dont have any of my friends around anymore, i miss them alot.

Semper Fi Ladies!!!

Graham31 Graham31
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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

yay :) I have stars down my right side. It didn't hurt that bad, but that is such a cute idea :)