Soo What Do You Girls Do/think?

I am currently in college, and I was an ABC sometimes student in high school but in college WOW! I am like DF pretty much. Like right now I have a History and Geology test tomorrow and I have been studying for SIX HOURS now and I can tell you right now I am going to fail it. UGH I want to be a RN one day, but I talked to my counsler and first I have to be a LVN (licensed vocational nurse) it isnt a nursing assistant but is right under the RN. And for this you don't need college. you just take a class for a year then get thrown out there for a job... THEN when I want to become an RN, I could go to school for biology and math (my two best subjects) but she suggested I don't take them now because wherever I might be when the time comes(you no never knowing where or if your going to be moving around lol) they might have a different course requirements or they might not match up and I would have to re-take them. My parents would be PIS**** if I dropped out of college though. ughh.. any ideas or anything at all??

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Hey girl. I'm in college too, and it is sooo hard but I love it. You have to be extremely disciplined.. you can't just study the day before a test.. you have to study like 2 weeks in advance. But I want to be an RN too!! :) I'm transferring to a nursing school after my sophomore year, probably UNC-W, (i'm a freshman right now at NC State) And I'm getting my CNA thing this summer, since you need that for nursing school. My suggestion is to stay in college and not go to be an LVN. My mom works with a bunch of nurses and they suggested that. If you don't want to transfer to a nursing school then you can get your BS in Biology or whatever and then transfer to an accelerated nursing program. But good luck with whatever you decide to do!! :) If you need anything just message me :)

Hey sweety i remember that feeling very well it's hard believe me at med school i think there were so many times i thought omg why am i doing this! The thing is it is hard but if you stick it out you'll always reap the benefits my advice see how it goes really in a few months if u still feel u cant do it then do something else but if this is what u want really really want then do it put in the hours. Its an adjustment but its worth it just keep trying.

Sweety colledge is a lot harder than school seriously it takes alot of discipline and you pretty left by yourself to do your own thing! I remember going to colledge and writting my first math test and i got a D i nearly freaked I had never got a a D for math in life! it takes time to get into the rutine and the work load just knuckle down and work your butt off seriously its the only way and dropping out is up you its your choice and really you know whether you'll make it or not.