Moving Along Slowly But There Is Progress

Hey everyone so things are crazy wedding plans and with the malaria factor and everything else going around lately but funnily enough it’s a huge help.  I’m enjoying my little character from zombie returns help so much. AJ wants kill me though and Zombie keeps saying oh please what exactly can I do I cant even walk to the door without taking a nap lol its very funny like a real life comedy! Anyway amongst the madness we’ve found a VENUE here it is:

I have pretty much fallen in love with Ihilano Ko Olina Resort the minute I saw it.  It’s beautiful and I can already see things happening there I swear I would go on honeymoon there if I could.  Me and the girls can have a spa day  while the guys battle it out on the golf course and my family and Jason’s family can all pretty much ALL stay there, there’s definitely more than enough room.  I’m so excited now seriously eeeh I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!

We have also decided on our colors seriously it went from Black and White to Black, white Silver then White and Silver to Silver and midnight blue then to White and Champaign and then to white red and black when I eventually went back to the place and took photos and Zombie and I thrashed it out with photos of the place and the military uniforms cause there’s two marine, 1 army and 1 police lol this is going to be very interesting and funnily enough even though they don’t look the same they pretty much the same type of blue.  So we had a this sudden brain spark that was pretty impressive for both of us (well more Zombie because she’s a bit dopey and slow at the moment!) we going Mediterranean so there’s blues and yellows and reds and browns and whites and purples and it pretty much includes all the uniforms lol I still haven’t figured out how yet but it’ll come soon I’m sure. I’m still going to keep it as simple as possible but that’s the whole idea around the Mediterranean look!!

And Zombie had this brilliant idea of still getting the “military part” across to the guests so they are all getting red, white and blue m&m’s lol ok I’m not sure about that yet I still have to decide (Are there white M&M’s? like I said Zombies a bit slow at the moment).  But that’s pretty much it for now oh we’ve found invitations and I’m sending them later this week or early next week and Jason found out where he’s going to be stationed and its HAWAII he was even like dude see not much is going to change then laughed and said I promise you can kick my *** later!!! I might just do that I really like his *** its small but good to look at lol I’m sorry I’ll stop now and I need to go for my run now before it gets to late!!   

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Lol sam zombie is not slow and dopey! She's just slightly unnormal at the moment and seriously after arguing about m&ms for half an hour u eventually believe there are i'm so proud lol! I think its going to look stunning cause we'll make it work damit!

lol i really never knew that thanks its not a bad idea its actually growing on me and EVERYONE likes M&M's while everyone i know anyway lol. i'm really holding thumbs here i have a feeling things may change a bit but so far everything is good!!