Hey Ladies,

I know I have just started the deployment journey but I am already looking for quotes or something to put on the sign that I am going to make for my husband before he comes home.

Do you ladies know of any good saying or where I can find some? I'm not the type to put something sexually suggestive on a sign.


I have officially fallen in love with Skype. Until last night I did not know how amazing that program is.




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OOOH my gosh!!!!!!!!! I had NO idea this was YOU Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha hey!!!!!!!!!! oh goodness, i'm so stupid :) I have some good quotes somewhere. I'll find them and post them on here for you if I remember. haha, i am forgetful :)<br />
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Wow, I feel like i haven't talked to you in forever!!! I hope your hubby stays safe & you stay strong :) What else is new in the world of Heather?!

yeah i have been trying to figure out what i am going to do for a while and i only have a month left AHHH and yeabh im amber lol :)

Caitlin- I am totally thinking of using a big white sheet to make a sign with and posting it on the fence leading to base and also making a small one for the front fence by our house. The one at the house I figure I can put something simple like "Welcome Home My Love" with cute pictures on it.<br />
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Amber (USMCwife thats your name right?) Both of those are very cute sayings. I'm definitely going to have a hard time deciding on one. I hope that I see one and know instantly thats the one I will be using.

I saw one on a sign not to long ago and i thought it was cute. It Said "Bus Driver hurry up I have been missing him for ___ Months" I also saw one that said " Missing....Last seen in desert cammis carrying a seabag and a backpack..... NEVERMIND HES FINALLY HOME" both i think are cute

hahaha last time i did a pillow case and wrote welcome home and the date....idk this time im thinking of doing something of a sign...a cute one idk im deff one to make a sexual enuendo but idk if his mom and sis are going to be there i wont be doing that....but do what paige said and GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE...hahaha lol

Paige- I will definitely try that. I still have just under 7 to 9 months before my husband gets home so I have more than enough time to look. I guess just planning for his return makes this easier for me. Oh and if your remember a username that made reference to a Ducky thats me :)

google! "love quotes" "marine girlfriend wife fiancee quotes" "long distance quotes"<br />
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I love skype as well.. except it doesn't really work for us. My fiances internet connection is too slow. boo.

lol my fiance loves skype he has a friend in china and they chat on there all the time