I Can't Wait For My Boyfriend To Be A Marine!

Hi girls!!! My name is Ana and I'm 21.. i've been together with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and he's currently on stand by to go to boot camp! He's been waiting since november and his ship date kept getting pushed back so he went on standby a couple weeks ago.. he's so frustrated and IDK what to tell him to make him feel better :( it's all he thinks about and i wish there was something i could doo..



hope all you girls and your marines are doing great =)


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you should tell him to re-read that contract lol..because once he's in his life is gonna be flipped upside down.

Well i am glad that you got one! welcome to our little family lol. don't hesitate to post something we all love reading things and helping each other out :) it is nice to have friends away from our civilian friends because they honestly just don't understand sometimes. The best of luck with you guys though! it is an amazing thing I wouldn't have it any other way.

omgoshh i feel like i just gained like 20 sisters! hahaha.. all of these stories are really helping me understand what it's really like! i didn't know if i should make one of these things because he's not really a marine yet but no one really understands if i would talk about it!!! but all of this really helps and its nice knowing that so many people went through this and you guys just kept being patient and it all worked out!! all of your advice is realy helping and i think i'll try and do that-- i'll tell him why he wanted to join USMC to begin with and support him as best i can!!<br />
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ahh i love having all you girls!!

hi! my boyfriend was the same way too! it was all he could think about... so he did something about it... he talked to his recruiter and he got sent to bootcamp 3 months before his actual date! ugh i hated that but im glad he did cus now he's in his MOS school instead of bootcamp... bootcamp was hell for me cus i didnt get to see him or hear his voice for all that time he was there! but i did get alot of letters (best memories)...anyways.... welcome! and im here for you if you need anything...

HI I am Lauren (19) and Ryan(19) is in California right now for his MOS school then he is off to Afghanistan for the first time in Sept. We have only been dating 4 months but we dated a year in junior high then were good friends in high school now we are together again and he is my everything! but first of WELCOME :) it is an interesting ride and it makes you so much closer to your man :) but like i said welcome to the Marines ahaha it is all about waiting and being uncertain about dates or anything until last minute. I bet he is excited to start it all ready. good luck with you two everyone on here is so supportive and great!

OH MANNN NOW I'M NERVOUS! haha uhh i dont want him to be in infantry that's the scariest thinggg :( whats your boy's mos?

oh jessica i love you dearly too!<br />
your gonna have to be my tim when he's gone =) and i'll be your adam!! except not as scary and muscular

haha yeah i agree with that last comment!! and omgoshhh 3 times!! i didn't think they could switch mos's so much! tim got the mos that he wanted right away and signed the papers for them haha.. i was like than godnesss!

Ana, tim will leave so soon and you will miss him so much...and i will be here to make you feel better and to support you through the whole thing. don't let it stress you guys out now though!!!!! loveee you

aweee man i wish he would listen when i would say that though! oh well i just need to convince him that good things come to those who wait. he's not the first or the last guy whose gonna get pushed around and held back like thiss!<br />
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=) eeeeekk!! i love this site!!!

hi ana! im so glad you finally got on this site! <br />
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