Freaking Out

so i got another letter today and he freaking switched his MOS to freaking field communications and im like what the **** man and we are both from NC and the schooling is in CALIFORNIA and i dont have freaking 500 to 700 dollars to fly out there and his school could be up to 6 months so im totally freaking out and my brother that is in the airforce told me that when my soon to be husband goes to afghan that most likely he will be in a convoy alot or in a craptastic base and closer to the front line and that just all scares the living crap out of me i love him with all of my heart and will do anything for him but the fact that his schooling is where it is going to be and it could be so long and he could go to afghan sooner really has me freaking out and we wont know where our PDS is until like half way through his schooling and thats not including his SOI ugh i swear why do men change their minds at the last minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to scream and hit something right now then just cry for hours i hate this so much!

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okay wait what is his actual job bc chris is a field radio operator and thats not necessarily true for his job...i mean last time he was out more doing convoys and **** and this time hes been actually doing his job...and we have learned through experience he may actually go to school for a certain MOS and not even do that job! chris is an RO and when he was in iraq he wasnt even doing that he was a MACHINE GUNNER. sometimes they just dont have choices and honestly its understandable to be scared but at the same time this is his job YOU WILL NOT get what you want...his job isnt about you.<br />
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i know thats mean and its just reality...if you have questions or anything hit me up

did he say he changed his mind? or that it changed? a lot of the time they have no say in their MOS they put you where they want. thats the USMC for you. where is your bf right now? boot camp im assuming...they really dont get much say so you can't really be mad at him. yeah when they sign up they say oh yeah youll get this job and blah blah but when it comes down to is where they need people and thats where they go.

yeah i dont know how long his schooling is going to be he is going for field communications so i called his recruiter and he said it could be from 3 to 6 months depending on his chosen job b/c the three mos numbers he got were 0613 0614 0621 all of them r like to do with electrical work

heyyy... keep your head up girl... my man changed jobs like that on me too, but he went infantry... he just got home from our 1 deployment.. well a MEU... On jan 16th... then i found out todayy he has a 75% chance of deplyn to afghan by the end of march :/ and i know about that flyin ****.. i live in tx. hes n cali too. and i work nd pay for school too... it all works outt... dont worry... we r here for u.

hey girl. Everything will be okay. I don't have money to fly out to see Ryan either (he is in California) and I haven't seen him for 3 months but I am trying to see him in March for his birthday. If you just keep looking for tickets you will find good prices soon.. everywhere i looked said over 500 but if you look closer to the time of they flight they are actually cheaper sometimes bc they are trying to fill seats. (which hey helps bc we never no til last minute anyways) :) <br />
About his MOS Ryan is a combat engineer.. first one in, last one out. He goes in with the IED people (disable bombs) so this scares the absolute effing **** out of me. And we just found out he is going to Afghan in Sept instead of December. But just remember it is your mans job and at least he gets to do something he loves to do you no? and not stuck with a MOS that he isn't proud of or just is miserable the whole time :( <br />
Everything will get better though and Ryan loves california and the base is VERY nice and the people are too. remember we are all here for you, just remember he loves you and is only trying to do the best for you two.