No More Initial Mos :(

Hi girls! I know I haven't been on here much lately.. and I already miss this site, haha.

As you all know if you read my stories, me and my Marine got news initially that he'll be getting MOS 6694 - Aviation Logistics. We actually really like that job b/c it's quite a high-end one, he usually sits in a room just repairing aviation parts and it isn't one that gets deployed very often, his recruiter said. Now he's in Georgia for that job.. and the sergeants there say he will be changed to a different MOS! :(

Poor him.. he's gonna have to wait there for God knows how long, till there's news of his new MOS and then, travel again to that area :(. I guess I just hate being in the light.. not knowing what's coming.. it's scary. Any of you girls' Marine experienced this before? How long did he have to wait? I suppose there's nothing much I can ask until I know his new MOS. I guess I just wanna let you guys know.. to tell someone :)

Been feeling pretty down lately.. I guess missing him too much with him not around is taking its toll on me slowly =(

Anyway.. I hope all of you are doing well with your Marine! ;D

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Yeah, things just change like crazy :(<br />
How am I supposed to catch a flight to see him if I need to book in advance and I don't know where he's gonna be? :'(<br />
Have any of your Marines had MOS over the end of the year and they get to come home during Christmas? If so, how long?<br />
He's in Athens, hun. It's been a week now since he's there.. bumming around, doing nothing, lol.

aww, that sucks "/<br />
But like the other girls said, things change ALOT in the USMC. Their needs come before anything else.