This 10 Days Isn't Going So Well

I know he loves me, but he doesn't treat me the same. It's like he's more distant. I believe many of you had this problem? Well I told him about how he doesn't treat me the same & doesn't text me or call me a couple days ago. Then he wrote me a long fb message saying that he loved me and sorry for being a bad boyfriend & ignoring you. He started texting me more "often" I guess, but it was just telling what he was doin.g No more sweet words. Like I said, being distant but still saying he loves me SO much.

Last night I got into a car accident. I am still not ok right now. I mean, I have no injuries or anything, but inside I'm not. I called him right after the accident and he laughed. Maybe that's just how he deals with his problems or w/e but even before that I knew he was acting distant. I told him not to talk to me & hung up. I didn't talk to him for about 3-4 hours. He texted me a bunch of things throughout the time saying he was sorry and that he loved me so much to lose me and that he didn't mean to laugh. He said he was just trying to help me & he didn't ever want to hear my sad voice again.

He didn't treat me the same before the accident so i was fed up I guess.

Well I called him before bed, and he did whatever he could to make me happy. He did make me feel a lot better though. I thanked him for making me happier.

The thing that frustrates me is that he doesn't say any of those sweet things like he used calling me beautiful or compliments or ANY sweet things. Just "I love you." It's just not the same as he used to be. He used to text me all the time, and he actually wanted to call me. Now he doesn't. I try to text him sweet things & I don't get much of it back. Just responses back.

The only times he's called me is the 2 times I was pissed at him and Valentines Day. Btw, we had an AMAZING Valentine's Day. I just don't know what's up now. I've told him to call me four times throughout different times during this week, even RIGHT NOW in the morning after my accident. He hasn't.

I know in my heart he loves me, but I'm sick of being treated like this. I love him so much too. Idk, maybe some advice. I keep playing the accident over and over I'm just happy I'm alive. So many things to be grateful for.

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WOOT! Girl after dating my Marine for one year before he was a Marine and standing by his side through all the bullshit he put me through, you would think he would treat me right after standing by his side for three months. NO! He didn't. He treated me like I was lower than dirt but like a dummy I stood there because I knew that that how it was going to be. A lot of the girls told me that it was just a phase, but I didn't think I was going so severe like that. After MCT he changed back to the guy I feel in love with. About a month ago we were talking about all the trials and tribulations our relationship has gone through. Not only did he apologize for the way he acted before boot camp but also the way he acted afterwards. He had the nerve to call me crazy! But anyways, assert yourself when you tell him how you feel and make sure he really knows that you aren't going to be standing it and if he doesn't change you are going to be leaving.

Update :D<br />
I called him 2 nights ago, and he didnt even realize he was acting the way he was. He was kinda upset & surprised when I told him how I felt. Anyways, we've made up and are pretty good as of now. I'm about to meet him for lunch (todays his last day) and he said he wanted to tell me some "bad things" about him in person, so I'm kinda nervous. I think he wants to open up abt his past to me cause I told him that I'm gonna be with him through everything. Let's see how this goes. Thank you guys!!!

idk...i didnt do boot and chris and i broke up bc of my fault not his job or anything early on....but im also the girl who wont take **** from him and thats one of the reasons he loves me. i tell him when hes being a douche and to knock it off but he knows damn well im not going anywhere so if its a problem with him and all that i will listen. he came back changed from the deployment was an *** and made it very clear i was mad at him....and when i say clear i flat out told him i was pissed at him, and to come to bed when he was ready [[so he knew i wasnt mad to the point of break up]] but we ended up tlaking it out. if you are gunna be his support system he better shape the **** up or you WILL move on bottom line...dont let him walk all over you

Well from what I heard is that ALL guys change after boot camp. It could be for the better or for the worse. After boot some come out men and others come out cocky man ******. You NEED to talk to him about it and let everything out. I'm pretty sure most of us have gone through the whole distance thing, but if the guy is worth it you'll make it through it. good luck!

Yea, he's changed. I mean, still the same guy, but..different. He's more cocky. Like he got an iPhone and was bragging to me about it. I got a nano, and he's like "Oh, you got that tiny iPod? What's funny is my phone holds more songs." I'm like reallyyyy wtf idc about your phone (in my head.) Plus he brags about other stuff. <br />
Yea, he doesn't show that much emotion anymore, and he speaks pretty fast and a tad bit more aggressively.<br />
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I plan to call him tonight if I don't see him tomorrow. I was actually thinking of taking a break from this relationship (seriously). He doesn't treat me like I should be treated. Even a freaking phone call, but no. He's out with his friends all the time. I don't know what will happen now after I call him, but we'll see. This accident has changed me. Like I know how precious life is, and God can take it away any second. I know He's on my side.<br />
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I want to combine some of the things you guys all said, so thank you. :)<br />
I want to see how serious he is about me and he's willing on his side to treat me right and make this all work. I'm gonna def let him know that I love him though. But the way he's treating me right now I can't accept it. Maybe until he adjusts into the "Marine Life" more he'll begin to appreciate me.

He just came back from boot camp, so I know lot's of things have been different for him. Not a deployment.<br />
He doesn't want to lose me at all. At least treat me the same. He def loves me but at least he can SHOW he cares more often. He did show me when when I was upset/pissed at him. Just he's not there other times...but he loves me so much. Scared to lose me I guess.<br />
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Idk I'm torn from this and the accident.