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well my marine and i were good friends before we started dating and when he first camp back from paris island we didn't get to spend much time together and  like 5 days before he had to go attend camp at camp Geiger/camp lejune we got really close in the romantic way and became more than best friends i was so happy that he asked me to be his girl. so im new at this being apart thing and he already has my heart it's quite amazing  because it only took 3 weeks for me to fall completely for him. he really is something else and i support him 100%. im a senior in high school this year it is hard at some points but i get myself through each day knowing im a step closer to seeing him again.

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we have officially only been together a year but we did the whole last deployment together....we didnt make it official til a month b4 he came home

hi im caitlin 19 chris is 20 and i know it can be hard still being in high school [[last year i was a senior and chris was deployed in iraq]] and thats all you can do is to pick yourself up and keep moving forward...chris is in afghan right now hopefully to be home in nov :) we are almost 5 months in now :)

its awesome to see so many "young marine" couples together on this site.<br />
I can tell you, I was once in your shoes. Keep strong!!!!!!!<br />
Your men need you more than you know!!!!!!

Heyy! We're on the same boat :). Mine has 3 more days til he goes to North Carolina. He is on his leave from Parris Island. I am also a senior in high school. We've actually been together for 7 months tho. Nice to meet you I'm Jenny!!! :)

Hi :)<br />
Im also a senior in High School, and my bf is also at Camp Geiger for MCT:), maybe they know each other? lol<br />
But dont worry, time flies byyy..and we just gotta be strong!