Afgan Suck......

Ok so i want to know why the hell the da*n MARJAR offensive couldnt have waiting will after my husband was home in about a month bc seriously this no talking **** is getting all really really fast and i am very much soo at my wits end with EVERYTHING.... i want to know how many other girls that there men are deployed feel this way....


I go on facebook and look through peoples statuses and I CAN NOT STAND IT. i hate the girls that hve there marines right beside them or they are talking on the phone or they are going to go eat wings tonight and all the cutsy pictures it makes me want to hurl and at the moment im ok with being a bitchy whiny story right now bc its really bothering i can no stand people that post missing somone when they are in the states i understand you miss him OMG ITS been a WEEK but really hes safe i honestly dont know where this is coming from but it has bothered me the whole deployment and i just dont get it i dont understand how these girls are having a issue not seeing there boy in a week how are they going to handle a deployment i just dont get it but whatever i needed to vent im having a moody day if anyone can tell UGHHHH

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I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I love how this posts title is afgan suck hahhaha idk why I find that so funny. I know you meant sucks, but I really can't stop laughing

ahhh amber stolen words outta MY mouth!...<br />
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i cant stand this **** anymore...jesus...christopher and the MC will be the death of me i joke and say hes gunna give me a heartattack b4 im 25 lol...BUT seriously this is NOT iraq i worry more now and hes doing his job as a rasio operator then when he was a machine gunner in iraq!!! this is something sooo new to me...and i HATE vday now...i officially do...i got an email in which he apologized for not being here and hopes maybe next year he will at least be stateside...i told him not to worry but anyday could be vday bc i love him everyday but no response...afghan can kiss my ***....honestly i say we pull all of us out and bomb the **** out of it and rebuild! lol only 8 and a half more months!!! jesus cant make this any faster...i ready to NOT have this knot in my swtomach anymore and just breathe a sigh of relief...COME ON R&R!!!...<br />
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hang in there amber your sooo close!

AMEN! My man isn't deployed yet so yes it sucks that he isn't here but no I am not going to sit here and whine about something I can't change you no? and i no he is safe where he is. there are so many new girls (i am sort of new too but i cam about a month before the RUSH of all these new people) dont get me wrong they are sweethearts and have every right to be in this group too but its like if your crying that much that your boyfriend has been in boot for a month and it is hard?? then they need to figure something out :( sorry i am probably not making sense i got my wisdom teeth out this morning and on meds aha. but i read this and thought i am glad someone said something. bottom line we all miss our man but this website isnt about posting sad stuff for all of the other girls to become sad. it is for support and telling happy sotries :)

no i wasnt on EP i had my issues with him being in japan but i didnt really complain i didnt understand it never changed anything and he was safe (a little drunk all the time) but safe. but anyway thanks girls im really going to sleep now lol

haha LEXY. i dealt with japan either and suprisingly i never complained either and i try not to complain about trey but i went through and read everyones status on FB today and i gaged lol :) i hope your havinga good night im about to go beddy bye im tired :)

thanks so much its needed alot im having a rough day its been bad since the time i woke up but thanks for the support!

yeah your right audrey me not being able to keep it in is the baby ive been having BITC*Y outburst the pat couple day lol. and yeah i know hes going to be home soon i mean the advanced party of treys unit is coming home very soon like in the next couple weeks soon so i know trey will be back and we will have all the mushy gooshy him making me dinner and getting me pudding status's just at the moment i am ERKed about it

OOO yeah i knew it wasnt the baby and i knew i wasnt the only one lol. and yeah it erks me i mean i get the deployment thing to but (i love kelly) but she will post when shes in WV about missing andy when she just saw him 3 days before and gonna see him in like 2 days IM LIKE R U KIDDING ME. and the vday struck me to. When i went to get my massage the lady at the front was like "What do you have planned for the rests of your vday i see your married do you hve anything big planned" I looked her in the eyes and was like "Well this was my bigs plans yes im married and he happened to just go back to AFGHAN and well tonight i plan to play a little poker then go to bed clutching my ring and holding on to my phone just in case i get a email or a phone" ITS SOOOOOOOOOOO RIDICULOUS i was to hurts people on a DAILY! and it is ALOT harder then IRAQ.

AMEN SISTER FRIEND!! It isn't the baby's the Afghan talking! This deployment sucks ***!!! It is NOTHING like Iraq and it may just drive me crazy. I hear ya hun. Some people seriously frustrate me, especially on Facebook bragging about getting to see their boyfriends. (Except of course the ones who are coming off deployment...they have every right to brag!) And let me TELL you how annoying it was to see all the people posting what they and their love were doing for Valentine's Day. One girl asked the question "what are you and your love doing for VDAY" I said "well since he is in Afghanistan I am going to kiss his dogtags, hold the teddy bear he gave me before he left and pray that he makes it home to me so that we can celebrate this Hallmark holiday on the day WE choose because Valentine's Day is NOT about a date on a calendar but about expressing your love for one another" hahahaha I was feeling really bitchy that day...