Hwy 88west!!!!

WHERE THE HELL ARE YOUUU!?!? haha...i literally drove for and hour and 15mins. looking for this place and never found it, turned around 3times gahh!!! BUT NOOOO!! RACHEL FOUND IT!!! :) STUPID HONDAA!! i went to work when i was supposed to be off!! what a crazy dayy!!

 oh and btw valentines day the movie w/ chick fil a = the ****!!!! :)))

yayyy &&& shopping tomorrow for RACHELSS PREGO clothes and for the JASON ALDEAN/LUKE BRYAN concert!! (*cough* i bet they know where hwy 88 is!!) (Damn Georgians) :)

WEll for an update brandons not leaving in MARCH! YAYYY

&& for Rachel, poor steven is still in HAITI & YAYY baby is growing :)) shes gonna have her baby in a pool. LMAO!! I'm providing the pool haha...


.....fun night!!! cant wait for tomorrow!! :))

AMANDAA!! :) i am sorry about Japan but you can visit and from lexi's experience it seems amazing we will cheer you up tomorrOWWW


feel free to commentt gaps will be filled

michellecars2010 michellecars2010
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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

haha i was supposed to go to milledgeville but i couldnt find it!!!! it was horrible!! work!! that sucks just text me when ya get donee