Afghan Sucks Part 2

Ok so i posted a story yesterday sorta bitching about all statuses on facebook and how they really really annoy me when people ***** on there status when well there boys not deployed but anyway.... my next complaint i finally heard from trey and as most of you know i got the wonderful news of him getting to come home and be home for our anniversary in march well i was just informed this morning they switched him my husband went from main body 1 to main body 2 and guess what they dont come home until like 2 or 3 weeks after my anniversary IM LIVID im PIS*ED OFF and i honestly want to kill who ever gets in my way today i want to know how i al ways get butt ****** by the marine corp me and m y husband had a running joke about it bc it always seems to happen. i got shafted with japan for 2 years i got a extended iraw deployment then 2 months later after hes finally stationed in nc he gets deployed on the exact same day he left the year before to iraq..... but this time for 10 month oo but guss what they couldnt keep it 10 months no its surely not long enough they got extended to a year long deployment. ok soo one good thing about this is R&R yay... i got the very last slot for R&R... oo and did i meantion my husband re-enlisted why over there well come to find out he has to spend 8 months at lejuene before he transfers to his new unit and around the time my beautiful baby is due my husband will be in mohavy viper training in cali... :) YAY just when i thought the marine corp couldnt **** me any more oo they deicded to hold my husband back for a few more weeks just so my blood can properly BOIL!!!!!!!!!!


ok soo i clearly havent had a wonderful morning i sure hope everyone that is holding there ******* marines in the near future please think before you post bc good chance you will have a  angry pregnant women on your tail bc im about to go on a kill spree anyone with me!!!!! I think my marine next store neighbor that is always home at 3:30 has a beautiful wife and little kid oo and drives a really nice 2010 camero ... BLAH



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My brother is a Marine, he has been deployed several times in his career. His wife got tired of waiting home alone and left him with their son. He has been shot and wounded by an mortar round. He has been sent to the shitist places on earth, living in the heat, cold, dust and god knows what else. He has seen his friends killed, wounded and missing. I have never heard him complain or regret the path he chose in life. He doesn't whine about how hard life is for him. He would never respond to a comment like "I would like to take a XXXX in your dead Marines face!" but I will. There are wolves in this world ready to pounce on sheep (like you) but there are always the sheepdogs standing guard. No one cares about the sheepdogs until the wolves arrive then they hide behind them and cower until the wolves are gone. Archi, you are a sheep, a coward that hides with the women and children making fun of the sheepdogs because you know who and what you are and you think that making comments like that shows that you have a spine. You fool only yourself! I have to admit, I am a sheep but at least I thank God for the sheepdogs because I know without them people like you, children, the elderly, and yes myself would be easy pray. THANK GOD THERE IS STILL REAL MEN OUT THERE!

haha don't say anything to him. he'll keep talking!!!

Gotdamn hes ****** annoying!

archi!!! back to no life I see... truly a sad thing to see.

I am really sorry, nothing like that has happend to me yet but i know with my luck it will too. I know it might be hard but try to just take a hot bath girl and just relax for you and the baby :) CONGRATS AGAIN! that is some of the best news anyone could hear! I hope everything turns around for you.

yeah i know im jsut sick of it i guess putting up with it for almost 4 years now is finally getting to me now that im pregnant and well im just sick of getting shafted!!!!

I just started the deployment journey and I already hate Afghanistan, I really think the Afghan people should hand over all the Taliban so that my husband can come home. Yes, I'm aware that wont happen but as I always say to my husband "A girl can hope". I find that I am very much less tolerant of whiney people since my husband left. I cant imagine how hard it is having a year long deployment, we were told 7 month but within a week of him leaving they said maybe 9 months now and dont believe anything you hear about coming home until your on the plane. I like to plan for things and not knowing definitely sucks. Try and find positives to focus on, yes he's going to miss your anniversary but he will be there with you for most of your pregnancy, he'll get to go to doctors appts with you and help you decorate the nursery.