Feeling More Opptimistic

so I'M over the shock of his schooling changing b/c of his MOS it just means I'm gonna be saving up to see him while hes there his schooling isnt going to be that long its just waiting for an opening for him to get to go to classes when he gets there I'm hoping they might let him pull recruiter duties while he's waiting that would be nice b/c he hates sitting around doing nothing.......so i'm looking up feeling better about the situation b/c atleast over in CA  he will be safe unlike when he goes to afghan. which i know he will eventually go there....... I'm so ready for his boot camp to be over with we are getting married while he is home on his 10 days leave! yay i can't wait to see him and hold him in my arms again!

shenell4ever shenell4ever
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

thanks will do we set the date april 9th

YAY! :) I knew you were just having one of those days whenever you get news we tend to think the worst but everything will work out :) My man is in California too at Camp Pendleton he loves it there. YAYY i am so happy for you! update us when you get marrrieeddd!!