How I Met My Gorgeous Marine...

I met my MARINE while attending college in Pensacola, Florida. We met our freshman year, first semester. We started dating November 10, 2008. (The MARINE CORPS birthday). He joined the Reserves June 6th, 2009. Before he left for boot camp Nov. 2nd, he bought me a teacup chihuahua and i named her princess prisaeus. :] She is darling. I was able to attend his graduation on Jan. 29th it was so nice to see him after such a long time. He came home with me to OK after graduation and stayed for 6 days. He lef t for MCT in NC the 8th of this month. and he graduates there the 9th of next month. Then he is going to be stationed in OK. :]]] so happy!

Before he left for MCT he bought me a promise ring and sent it thru the mail and i got it on Valentine's Day. Its beautiful and i love it so much! i cant wait to be with him again!


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hey so yeah 13 months is forever but hey you love them you will wait forever, plus R&R is commin up here soon!!! hes working on his 4th year as of june...but he will be renlisting in june while out in country and will be here in oceanside with 1st recon

oh my bf is from va beach. and when i was there for a visit we went to DC. and on our way there we stopped in quantico to go to the museum. :] have you been there?!<br />
so how long have u guys been married?!<br />

hi emily! oh yay...i work at a bridal shop and i was trying on wedding dresses yesterday just for fun...! where are you at now?! like is he stationed overseas...or on base here in the states?!<br />

shelby- thanks for the welcome! i sure will! <br />
<br />
caitlin- thank you for the welcome as well. 13 that is forever. :[ im glad ur a stronger woman. way to be there for your man. :] how long has he been in?!<br />
<br />
lexy- the past 2! what is his mos?! and how often do you guys get to tlk?!<br />

caitlin 19. chris 20. hes deployed to afghan for 13 months...well 5 down 8 1/2 more to go.. this is our second deployment and are both in cali.<br />
<br />

HI!<br />
Thanks for sharing your story, I am Lauren (19 next month) my mans name is Ryan (also 19 next month) We have been dating for a few months. We dated for a year and a half our 8th grade/freshman year of highschool. Then we broke up and were friends all through high school. And now we are dating again and I wouldnt have it any other way. I love him to death. He is at Camp Pendleton in California he is a combat engineer and we found out 2 weeks ago he will be deploying in Sept of this year to Afghanistan. I am very very proud of him and I am a lucky one I get to talk to him on the phone every day I still write letters to him though just because I like too :) but congrats on your man becoming a Marine. It really is an amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.