Just Stressed Out!

Ugh....im just stressed right now. So Charlie thinks its all his fault that me and my dad dont talk anymore. We stop talking all the time cuz we are just way to much alike. My dad treated my sister this same way...i think he hates that we are growing up. But anyways charlie thinks its his fault. and then my sister is telling me that i dont need to get married for a long time. Charlie and i started talking about when we want to get married...and of course it dependson what happens in the Corps. but he thinks that she hates him and blah blah blah. but hes telling me that hes worried about me back at home without him and that he feels that hes getting in the way of me and my family....which is completely wrong! but he said that if it keeps going on that we might just need to take a little break until my family (mainly dad) are getting along again. i just dont know what to do or say cuz i know that none of this is his fault cuz it happens all the time but he doesnt understand that. I know that we will stay together but he thinks that maybe if we dont talk so much everyday then maybe it will help. but it wont cuz my dad and i dont talk cuz im not going to the college he wanted me to go to and cuz i wanna get my own place, and since i help him on the farm that really pissed him off. ugh...i just dont know what to do.

wirtzgirlusmc wirtzgirlusmc
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010