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hi im new to this site but I was reading some stories and I had to  join... my boyfriend is deployed in iraq right now and I havent talked to him in a month. Its really hard for me because my mind races with all the possiblities out there of what could be going on and what I havent heard from him. He has been in the marines for 4 years now and was scheduled to come home the 25th of january. But sadly he isnt home and it gets harder everyday not being with him. We have been together for almost a year now and I miss him so much.

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Archimonde ~ it takes a real coward to continually harass these women. Why don't you grow up and use your time in a more constructive way. Your disturbing behavior has been reported.

just delete his comment. and DO NOT respond or he will continue to harass you over and over again. you can also report him.<br />
<br />
Justin is deployed right now too to Afghan. It is really hard so I can relate pretty well

Hey Im amber 18 husband trey 22 we just found out im pregnant with our first child he is one his second deployment he came home on r&R a couple weeks ago and he will be home for good soon hes on a year long deployment it totally sucks and i know how it feels to not know whats going on and not hearing from them in a long time. so if you ever need anything let me know :)

hi im caitlin 19 chris is 20 and we are currently doing our second deployment and hes in afghan...[[frist one was 7 months tis one is 13 and they are back to back]] anywho welcome and message me if you have questions

we dont write letters usually we can skype when hes around but since hes been gone a month and i havent heard from him in over 30 days we havent: ( and thanks shelby! : )

oh duh...i completely read tht. lol. sorry. so he was already in b4 u guys started dating...my bf joined 7 months after we started dating. i hated going thru boot. it was a hard 3 months. good thing you didnt have to go thru tht. but him being in iraq is way further. :[ do u guys write letters...?! <br />
and what does the last sentence say?! i dont get it.<br />

hes been in for 4 years now! how so I IM you lol

hi...im mel! im new too...(just joined yesterday) and already im addicted. lol. the girls are very welcoming tho. <br />
how long has he been in the corps?! <br />