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So...tonight was funnn haha...

Rachel & I went too see Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan at the civic center it was a blast!!! I lost my key to my car and we searched for like 30mins in DOWNTOWN augusta def. not the safest place!! Once some old man found it and gave it to the police we were all good, walked to the car and some three randon guys ask where we are at!? WTF! i was like 8th and telfair its on the signs...turns out they were army guys from indiana strange!! haha after all that we went to the gas station to pee. The shell station was CLOSED! WTF what shell station closes. i had to yell at the ***** through a window that rachel's preggars and she needed to pee....still NOTHING! We go across the street to BP and they are open!! YAYYY!! Peefest! like 5people are in line and these three people are talking about Brad Paisley in the bathroom!! umm...no! It was def. interesting and some fat girl made ius go in the Bathroom together so those guys wouldnt talk ****! haha good stuff!!

well theres for an update! hope all is well with yall!!

Semper FI


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hahah well lovely. I love jason aldean :)

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i love you michelle.