Kinda Late But, Wanted To Share :)

I just feel like im in this little bubble of happiness, lol it's such a great feeling to be with him again. I missed him way to much bein together almost everyday for 5 years, then to never seeing each other but a few days in months is not something alot of couples can do, or even think they can do...But, if they truley are in love they  will stick by there side and be faithful no matter the distance....But neways i saw everyone wrote storys about there v-day and what there men did for them, Me and matt didn't get each other nething having each other was enought, but i did give him a card, and he took me shopping...but he also wrote me a letter and i wanted to share it...I cried thru most of this.

Dear Dez,

I know this has been the hardest year of our lifes together but also it has been one of the most maturing experiences me and your have had. I still remember going over to your house when we first started talking a i never would have imagined we would make it this far, i remember when i told you i was looking for more then just a normal relationship, and i wanted something to last and that is exactley what i got. For the last six years i have got everything i wanted in life..If you could make it happen you did. Just like now, i want you hear and you are here. You are my gardian angel, my bestfriend, my wife, my lover and the most honest, loyal, loving perosn ive ever known. There has always been something about the goodness in you that brings the goodness out in me. Our love is so pure and strong that i know absolutly nothing can come inbetween us. When i put that ring on your finger it was the best day of my life and ill never want to change anything, i am still the happiest man in the world when you grab my hand, when you look into my eyes there is a calming i can feel fall over me and its like that feeling of hearing a song that just touches your heart like no other..You are the only one who could ever touch my heart like that. You have stood beside me through everything from depression, drugs, to anger and my mistakes. The courage it takes for someone to do what you do is way more then most marines can only dream of, and the heart of a real woman. With all the bad i see and hear about everyday with relationships we shine like a bright star even on our bad days. You are the only woman i see that when i look at you i forget about whatever i was doing and you dont know you do it to me. You are my wife and i love you with my whole life.

P.S. "Your life is the purpose of mine".....Love yours husband, Matt.


He is a wonderful husband i just feel really blessed to have him in my life. Well there was my v-day update lol even tho i know its late as hell!! :) Ready for next weekend he will be able to stay the whole weekend with me and not have to be back on base by 12...Well im outta here

Semper Fi Ladies

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That is the sweetest lettrer. Awwww 6 years is amazing. I'm happy for you.

Thanks guys!! :)

That made me cry and is so amazing! I'm so happy for you and so happy to hear that as hard as things are your making it work, it gives me a lot of faith!