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hey everyone my names Haylie i'm 19.  I've been dating my marine for 2 years but have been best friends for 5 and we just got engaged last weekend. he turns 21 in july. He has been in for 2 1/2 years deployed to iraq for 8 months and leaves in 2 weeks for an 8 month deployment to afghanistan. im new to the site but i think this is a great idea.

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Hey im Desiree (21) & my husbands is Matthew (22) He just became a Marine last year in Sept, and is now is in Arkansas for the rest of his MOS schooling, and i came down here to be with him till we get stationed to our PDS after this. We find out soon where we are going. Crossing my fingers for Japan or Hawaii :) but ya never know with the MC. lol Welcome to the site!!

Hey girl :) welcome to the site! I'm Hadassah, I'm 19- my husband Aaron is 21, we've been married just over a year and currently stationed at Lejeune, waiting on a deployment as well...let me know if you ever need anything or just someone to talk to. Congrats on the engagement btw!! =)

Welcome Haylie Im Amber 18 husband trey 22 :) we have been married for almost a year. been together total almost 6 years we are stationed at lejuene but he is currently on a year long deployment to afgan but will be coming home so to me soo if you ever need anything im here ive been through 2 deployments and i know how bad they can suck :)