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My marine and I have dated on and off for a little over a year before he left for boot camp. We've been through a ton together. And I can honestly say that i now know that i love him with all my heart. Kieth is a year older than me and graduated from high school last year. I am finishing up my senior year and am planning on going to college in Massachussets in the fall. Which is on the other side of the country..and by that time he may be overseas. We're using the time that he's away at bootcamp as kind of a test to see if we can handle staying in a relationship even though we'll be far away from each other. Does anyone have any advice on how to help make it easier from being away from your marine?  

He left for bootcamp almost two months ago, so only one more left! :] He's at the camp in San Diego and graduates on april 9th. Five days after my birthday. ha. I'm currently trying to convince my parents to let me fly out to his graduation. maybe as a birthday present? haha. I can't wait to see my boy again! It's crazy how much you can miss someone. I find myself waiting for the mail to come hoping i'll get a letter. And when I do I'm just so happy the rest of the day and almost nothing can ruin my mood.

From what I've heard it sounds like the boot camp is pretty tough and a difficult adjustment. I've heard it changes them a lot.. I've prepared myself for those changes, but some people have said they have had their siblings come back from marines and they rarely talked, acted almost emotionless, and just kept to themselves.. does this happen often? and if it does, how can i help him realize that if theirs anyone he can be himself around its me?

Even with all my worries for what could happen when he gets back, I'm extremely proud of him and completely support him. His group took 2nd place in their drill, marching competition, by .45th's of a point! And he passed a test that gaurantees him to grraduate by april 9th, he had been worrying that he'd be held over there even longer. I'm so proud of him!

He surprised me this valentines day! :] He's never been one to celebrate valentines day, but this year, since he's away at boot camp, he had his family bring me some presents from him. It was the best surprise ever! :] Now I'm just waiting to get another letter and missing my boy.

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haha no it shows we want you gone. we will get rid of you again archi. only a matter of time :)

my MARINE just graduated January 29th...he was quiet for like 30 seconds but we were so excited to see each other on family day tht we immediately started sharing stories and laughing. it was so hard saying bye on family day knowing tht i was going to see him the next day bc i just wanted to take him home already. you should def start looking for ur ticket now...i waited bc i thot i wouldnt be able to go with school and work so i bought it the week of and it was $650! so start booking...you wont regret seeing him graduate, its very exciting! :]<br />
my name is mel and my MARINE is aaron he's 20 and im 19. he's at MCT right now in nc...and i miss him tons! <br />
message me anytime!

im caitlin 19 chris is 20. we are currently doing our second deployment [[first one was 7 months in iraq this one is 13 in afghan and they are back to back]]..we are both in cali when he isnt in country

Hey i'm Kerry 18, my fiancee Jeremiah 19, just got our of boot in Jan. He barely changed at all personality wise. Just way more respectful. feel free to msg me anytime with questions, or for comfort lol (:

Thanks for the welcomes and the advice! :] <br />
It helps being able to talk to people who are going through the same thing. It surprised me how much more this helps compared to when I just talk to my friends about this kind of stuff. So thanks a lot! :]

Hey Girl, my name is Allie and my hubby is a marine at Camp Pendleton! As far as boot camp changing them, it does! It takes some getting used to for them to be back in the real world. My hubby said that when he came home from boot camp he didn't smile or laugh and he had a hard time being around everyone because for three months he was screamed at and couldn't speak out of turn or laugh or anything. But now after being out of boot camp for over a year he is a goofy, lovie guy. So, I wouldn't be too worried about it. <br />
<br />
As far as getting through him being gone, I keep a journal. I write everyday like I am talking to him about my day. He loves to read it when he comes home too!

Hey there! I'm Nina. My guy is at boot in San Diego also right now. He is suppose to graduate on the 12. I'm here at college in Chicago (where were both from). No matter where you are you'll be missing him. So yes Mass. is far but at least at school you'll have school to keep your mind busy. For me keeping my mind on something else has been super hard. but i have come up with a few tricks and this month seems to be WAY easier! So hang in there! feel free to e-mail me anytime!!!

Hey. Well welcome :) I am Lauren (19) and my mans name is Ryan (19) I love him more then anything.. I also read your blog post or forum lol. And abou you going to another college hunnie. Don't worry, you will be okay. and Like you said he will probably be deployed by then anyways. Ryan is at Camp Pendleton in California and I am in Texas. We are both from Texas but i live 4 hours away from were he lives when he is home. Because I am in college. And distance will never break a true relationship up.. it will only make it stronger. It is tough at sometimes but who said life was easy you no? it is worth every second of it I will tell you that. Welcome to this site :) and if you ever need anything just email me.