Gots More Questions If Anyone Can Answer Them Please???

ok so like first question if his MOS schooling is long enough sense we will be married am i at all able to go with him and i know he doesnt get to stay off base but just wondering b/c my older brother is in the airforce and he said if they did it the same way as them that we would be able to have something on base if his schooling as more than 3 months? second question if his schooling is backed up and he has to wait for his MOS school to start can he pull recruiter duty here at home while he is waiting? and is there a possibility of us being stationed in CA sense his schooling will be there?

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RA is up to the recruiter's office and if they already have a group of guys that have asked. He will have to call the recruiter's office and ask that is all he can do

well i know the staying with him in school depends on the time length but i was wondering if he has to wait to start school can he pull recruiter duty here we live in NC so is that possible?,%20MCT,%20SOI,%20etc.&category_id=8<br />
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"It depends on the school. You'll stay where you are during <br />
basic training, MCT, and ITB. If your Marine has an infantry <br />
MOS, you cannot come to that either. For non-infantry <br />
Marines, dependents are only authorized if the school is <br />
longer than 6 months, and even then it's not guaranteed."<br />
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I know for sure I wasn't able to be with my husband while he was at MOS school, and his school was 4 months. But apparently there are some exceptions. I hope you get one of the exceptions. So good luck! :)

Yes, you can live together during schooling. Of course, you must be married. I think you have to wait like 3 months into schooling. My hubby is a recruiter, and yes he can ask for receuiter assistance while heis home.

jtw is right on. MOS they are on their own, married/single it makes no difference. They do get to talk on the phone every day, pretty much. So that's nice. RA is very common if there is a long wait for school. My husband got it, as did everyone in his MOS who were in boot/mct with him. But as always, don't count on it. And he'll get to request a duty station (east coast, west coast, hawaii, japan) but the MC can put him anywhere they want. We requested West Coast and got Cali. But really wherever his job is needed, they'll stick him there.

Don't hold me to this, cause i'm not 100% sure, but from what i've heard you can't live together during schooling. Also, i heard its POSSIBLE they can to recruiters assistant, but really it depends on everything. and 3rd, its possible for him to be stationed there after his schooling. Any of the bases are possible.<br />
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sorry i'm not much help (: haha i try, my fiancee is at MCT so i'm just starting.