Mini Update - If Your Man Is Deployed Dont Read!!!!

Hey Everyone!

So again if your man is deployed please DO NOT READ THIS!!!!

Firstly thanks for your support it means a lot. Its amazing how much concern floated around here the last couple of days about my friends boyfriend even from people that are not part of this group its been amazing and really gives me hope so I thought it was only right to give you an update.  Thank you to everybody I really don’t know what to say!

Alright so for the update Holly has basically moved in with me her excuse was that she needed to be doing something anything other than worry about Cameron so she moved in I completely understand that.  They started moving Cameron home on Thursday and he got back early Saturday morning.  Holly has been with him since she phoned me on Sunday and said he’s in a lot of pain and they have lined up a whole bunch of surgeries for him they told her that because he’s fit and healthy he has a better change of recovery. Cameron is going in for his first surgery today to see if there’s any neurological damage on his spine it’s a really long and in depth surgery and extremely hard and for everyone else its just hoping that they don’t pick anything up.

Alright so as for Holly she’s holding up as best she can she came home last night and I think she cried for the first time since she heard Sam and I just sat there and hugged her.  But she also eventually slept for like ten minutes last night then got up and went back to the hospital with Sam. My mom, Sam, AJ’s mom, and I are on tag support for her so she’s not alone at any point but really I know she’s freaking out here but she’s really hanging in there and standing by her man. She has not been negative about anything and actually said last night “Cam’s going to fight this he’s going to get through the other side a more stronger person than before he’ll pull through I know he will!” I believe her I know he will as well!

So again girls please keep them in thoughts hold thumbs whatever after this surgery we’ll know for sure if he’s going to be paralyzed or not!  And again thank you for all your support!!  




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will be praying for them hope and pray his surgery goes well